Tuesday, November 04, 2008

It's a nail-biter.

I'm listening to NPR's reports from all over the country. ARGH. Polls are closed in NJ but anybody who was in line before 8:pm would have been able to vote. Although I am glued to the audio, I'm blogging about as much frivolity as possible, as a distraction. We're leaving for D.C. on Friday to go to our granddaughter Rebecca's bat mitzvah and I needed a manicure/pedicure (because, while I won't be wearing my Birks, I will be in some sort of open shoes). Hilary took me out for a fabulous sushi pre-birthday lunch today and there was a nail salon/day spa next door I decided to try. Ended up treating myself to a wonderful facial and an afternoon of pampering. It was part I of my gift to myself; part II will be a haircut tomorrow with the head stylist at a new salon. No guarantees, but at least it should be a change: doing something for myself. Tonight's UPS delivery (above) was a birthday gift from C&T - a box of cookies and candies. Isn't that nice! And while I'm on the subject of goodies - I picked up a couple of items at Trader Joe's on Saturday and would like to read you the tasting notes from the labels: #1 An aroma perfumed with acid fruity notes and floral notes of acacia, with dairy and exotic wood tones. Mildly bitter taste with candied citrus, floral tones with a honey character. #2 A mild aroma with tones of exotic wood, dried fruit and spicy notes. Delicate, persistent flavor, well proportioned and full. Highlighting tones of cedar, tobacco and raisins. Wine? Nope, varietal chocolates! Better than a wine tasting - I have been alternating the two, trying to decide which one of these bitter dark chocolates I prefer. Gee, I just don't know - I guess I'll have to keep tasting. #1 Guaranda Forastero Arriba cocoa from Ecuador#2 Ocumare Criollo cocoa from Venezuela Is that enough nonsense for the time being? It's after 9:00 on the east coast and it's looking promising -- but Ohio is a horse race so I'm still glued, as I am sure you are.


Lora Martin said...

Happy Birthday, Rayna! I'm also gnawing my nails off here in Californa for a couple propositions as well as the presidential race.

Anonymous said...

Looks like we got Ohio! I don't think I've ever been so emotionally strung out over an election. It's an amazing day. I am looking at Grant Park right now and it looks like America! Looking forward to meeting you in Ann Arbor next year. We'll be a little less haggard by then, I hope.
Kathy in Michigan (where someone stole my Obama sign last night - maybe they needed it to remind them who to vote for)

Dale Anne Potter said...

Hope YOUR day is the BESTEST ever!!!

Judy said...

Happy Birthday....and what a way to celebrate!!!!

It's been a nail-biter of an evening for sure, but how rewarding in the end!!!

Love Ya Honey!


Terry said...

Happy Birthday! What a night! We all sat and watched and when the polls closed here and they called it we nearly missed it it happened so fast. So early here in Oregon. Amazing, amazing historic day.

fulviastudio.com said...

Happy Birthday, Rayna!

Ocumare del Tuy--beautiful region of Venezuela. Let me know how you like that one.

Fulvia at www.fulviastudio.com

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