Thursday, February 19, 2009

no pix

Tonight was my Studio Montclair art crit group meeting. We're limiting the meetings to 8 people so everyone gets a chance to show work and ask for crit or input. Each time it is a slightly different mix of people, although there is a core of about 5 of us. Tonight, it was a ceramic artist, 2 painters, 1 photographer, 2 printmakers, a collage artist, and me. At least 3 of us use wax in our work. Anyway, I am beat and have to be at the eye doctor at 8:am. Marty and I have decided we should just bunk there, we're there so much. goodnight.


Eva said...

Best wishes for your husband's eyes and belated happy birthday (I should try to read more carefully).

Diane said...

I used to love the critique process in my art classes. I felt it was such an important aspect of growing. It helps so much to see our work through others eyes. I hope you had a great critique night!

Judy said...

Happy B'day to Marty! Your Saturday night dinner plans sound like so much fun!
Is everything ok with your eyes? I hope your surgery was very successful.


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