Wednesday, February 25, 2009

sometimes it is a mistake

to sit down. You know the feeling where you keep going and going and then you sit down and you realize you can't move? Another busy day. Spent the morning paying my mother's bills only to find we were out of stamps. And the post office is completely sold out of forever stamps - naturally! This afternoon, I spent a couple of hours at the studio and had to do something with a bright pink piece of fabric I found. Yeccch. I shibori'd it with black dye (604 + 609)and it still looks blue. Oh, well. Better than solid pink! Had lunch with my friend Trina and was treated to a description of her encounter with the Obama family last weekend in Kensington, MD. Trina's granddaughter goes to the elementary school whose basketball team (of eight year olds) has played a 3 game tournament with Sidwell Friends' team. Michelle was at the first two games and rumor had it that Barak might drop by to watch Sasha play. Indeed, he did: and Trina, her daughter Amy and grandaughter Isabel were THERE, sitting only a few feet away from the Prez, who showed up and cheered his daughter's team on. Trina thought that Michelle was prettier without makeup than with it and looked like an ordinary mom, hair pulled back in a short ponytail. Both Obamas were relaxed, enthusiastic, and absolutely charming. How cool is that?? Tomorrow, my fiber group meets and I hope Hollie remembers to bring my shearling clogs that I left at her house last month. Don't ask how you leave your shoes at someone's house... 'night.xo to all.


Eva said...

Forgetting things in someone else's place always tells me that I feel at home there -- I guard my stuff most carefully in places I don't like.
Close to the Obama family -- what a feeling!
What if you overdye pink with yellow? Should become a nice orange red.

Sue Erdreich said...

I like pink, so if the fabric needs a new home... :)

My daughter and I spent 4 hours yesterday making gelatin plate prints (she was home from school). She played with all the abandon of a 6-year-old, while I took a specific direction with my prints. We had a great time.

Shirley Goodwin said...

I think the pink fabric looks great now. I am so not getting any surface design done, too much time spent trying to earn a living.

Judy said...

That is a fantastic piece of shibori Rayna!!
I just cannot get enough of the new First Family: such a breath of fresh air! I love Michelle and hope that she will one day run for President. She would have my vote in a heartbeat! Did I tell you that my Craig graduated from Sidwell Friends? :-)


Helen Conway said...

I love that shibori fabric - don't do anything to it!

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