Saturday, February 07, 2009

short and sweet

I taught a gelatin printing workshop today at the Arts Guild of Rahway. Unfortunately, I left without my camera, which is almost always in my purse. Too bad, because there were some splendid things going on. Francesca Azzara, whose encaustic work is among my favorites, took the class so she could incorporate the process into her work. By the end of the class, she had hit her stride and had discovered how it could work for her. Ellen Hess, who weaves, does book arts, and teaches, was in the class. And two artists who teach at Parsons School of Design came to experiment on paper with this printmaking technique. They printed some wonderful pieces that were truly inspiring...and were so addicted that they worked till the arts center practically threw us out the door. They are planning to take my screen printing workshop at the Newark Museum on Saturday, March 7 and will be working on paper then, also. Finally, I had a chance to meet Sue Erdreich -- a friend from another list I am on. She was already visualizing how she would use her fabric in an art quilt. I love meeting people in person that I've met on-line, don't you? I didn't really print today, of course, but when I got home, this piece of fabric was on my wall: a screenprint I made a while ago and came across when I was cleaning up. Hmmm...I am seeing things in it that I never saw before. So now that I've given you the requisite visual, I can obey my closing eyes and take them up to bed. Tomorrow, I hope to get to an exhibit of Hollie Heller's work. It is supposed to be 50 degrees here. Can you believe it, after all that SNOW?? Will check in anon.


Sue said...

Thanks for a great class today. I'm planning to get paints of my own so I can continue to explore printing this way.

P.S. One of my quilts got accepted into the Quiltfest of NJ show in Somerset in March!


Eva said...

Maybe these creative ladies could be so kind and post or send you some photos of the results?

Judy said...

Sounds like you had another wonderful class. Yep:I do love meeting my online friends!! ;-)


Connie Rose said...

I love that fabric, Rayna. Sounds like it was a terrific class!

Rayna said...

That fabric, Connie, was one I printed with a screen. I'll be teaching that class at the Newark Museum on March 7. It's one of my favorites to teach.

Yes, Eva, I will ask them to send pix.

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