Tuesday, February 10, 2009

working on paper

Armed with a gelatin plate and an armload of printmaking paper, I headed for the studio yesterday in a mood to experiment. I found that mulberry paper worked best for me with the gelatin plate, but today I will play some more. Here are a few results.
Last week, I was doing deconstructed screen printing on printmaking paper, as well.
Here is a detail.
This also has possibilities for doing more but I have to make additional screens. I should probably find my polyester curtain and take it along with my stapler so I can redo the screens that have been ruined. In the meantime, I have ordered more screens from a new supplier in Pennsylvania which I think has excellent prices and I'm waiting eagerly for them to arrive. As I look over the photos above I notice something interesting: while the screenprint and the gelatin prints were done in different weeks, the palette is similar. I wonder what this means? Or maybe it doesn't mean anything.


Regina Dwarkasing said...

Hi Rayna,

I really have to get that gelatin out of the kitchen and finally make me a gelatin plate! And I have to order the DVD of Kerr to learn how to deconstruct scrpr. Your work is beautiful, as always (imo)!
Regina, SXM, DWI

Eva said...

Great prints! The background of ghost to me is some Daeniken illustration, antique technology or so. Bought some gelatine the other day, will be printing when the time has come.
Same palette... well, we all have our favourites, haven't we? Be glad you chose the same colours. I buy things twice because I forget I bought them, that's worse.

Judy said...

love that deconstructed screen!

martha said...

I am loving your art on paper ,Rayna. I am at such a frustrating impasse in my own art. I know it is part of the process but it is stultifying. Love your city pics, too. It is amazing what you can see if your eyes are open.

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