Friday, February 20, 2009

playing around

Yesterday, Marty's employees gave him a b.d. luncheon and I was invited. Here is Valerie, presenting the cake after a huge buffet lunch. The birthday boy looks on with amusement. Three candles? I can understand four (one for each 20 years) but THREE? I guess that's all they had - LOL. Nonetheless, it was very lovely. Marty took the afternoon off to keep me company as I continued to comparison shop for a used car. We went to two Subaru dealers: the first one had nothing in my price range and the second one had a beauty that I was ready to start negotiating on - but Marty has long legs and was not happy with the leg room. We'll test another one on Saturday. Today did not begin well. 8:am at the eye doctor, this time for me. Less than halfway home I realized my bracelet was gone: the one I have worn every day for 27 years, except when I was in the hospital. If you have been in my presence, you know the one I mean. Went back to the opthamologist's office and retraced my steps in the building: no bracelet. Got home, no bracelet. I was on the phone with Marty getting the insurance company's phone # when the doctor's office called: One of the employees who came in late had found it on the curb in the parking lot (where I had, of course, looked about 10 times). Everyone was very relieved - not least of all, moi. I will take it to the jeweler tomorrow to have the safety catch repaired. Errands and housework - and I was tired and grouchy by the end of the day. So there was nothing to do for it but get out the paints and the wax.. A few of tonight's experiments: (can you tell what I used as a stamp?)
Paint and watercolor pencil on paper. Then, a layer of wax.
Paper coated with wax, then stamped with paint.
Stamped with wax and painted, side 1.
Side 2
Paper coated with wax, paint and oilstick on top of wax.
Well, there is some material for collage here. But it will wait for another day. Beauty sleep on the to-do list for now. Tomorrow, another hectic day. Test-drive, pick up Jessica at the train in Newark, visit my mother, come home and get dressed, go to dinner with the Kleiman-Gillman clan for the final celebration of this birthday week. Is anybody offering me a vacation??


Sue Erdreich said...

Rayna, if it's any help, I LOVE my Subaru!

Eva said...

The prints are very interesting! The water-versus-oil effects are fine. But what did you use for the printing? The first piece with the pink dots inside remind me of watermelon turmaline. ... hm ... a sawn bone?

Karen Newman Fridy said...

It looks like the bones I get at the pet store for my dogs (before they chew them, of course!)

Judy said...

an oxtail?
I'm so glad that the employee at the Opthalmologists's office found your bracelet!
Phew: tomorrow you can relax!


Eva said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eva said...

At the eye-doctors' they should be able to find lost things, shouldn't they?

Candied Fabrics said...

When we looked for a new car about a year ago, we got an incredible price with no haggling by just emailing a few local dealers about the specific car we were going to buy and telling them we were going to buy in the next 48 hours. That internet pricing really was bottom line - and pain free as well!

Ann Graham said...

Possibly a lovely avacado!

Diane said...

So glad you found your bracelet! I have a few pieces I would be heartbroken about if I lost them.

Natalya said...

glad your bracelet was found! and i'd get another subaru in a heartbeat, love mine.
hmmm... me thinks you're printing with a marrow bone?

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing you used some kind of bone for your print?

So glad you found your bracelet!


Rayna said...

Yep, marrow bone. Out of the soup pot and into the dishwasher before using. An avocado sounds intriguing but probably too messy.

Still working on the car thing. ARGH.

Sherryl said...

Check into a Toyota Rav4. It has lots of leg room. Toyota is doing deals on their cars.
You could vacation here, weather is glorious but of course I have a cat. Sorry.

Karoda said...

Rayna hangeth in...your days sound like one never-ending whirlwind.

Are you familiar with Maya Angelou's poem about loosing things? I'm glad you found the bracelet, 27 years is a long time and the bracelet seems like it has become so intermeshed with identify and comfort.

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