Monday, June 08, 2009


My feet are happy that they are up. The rest of me is happy, too, although I cannot move. Another day at home dyeing/printing silk scarves. Yesterday I printed with thickened dye I had brushed randomly onto the screen with a bristle brush. The results were interesting and I'd like to do this again.Here's a glimpse from before I steamed it. The "after" picture is fuzzy and I am too tired to take another one right now. The advantage of doing scarves at home is that the washer & dryer are right here. On the other hand, I am up and down the stairs every five minutes, there is little or no room to print down in the lower level (as those of you who have been here, know), and all my good screens are at the studio so I am making more here. Thank goodness for two Thermofaxes!! The sheet that covers my print table is looking pretty good today. Too bad it isn't silk - I could wear it! You can see bits of some of the screens I used to add another layer to this scarf from yesterday. The last two of today's scarves are in the dryer. Here is one of them. This is one of my favorite screens and the original was so worn out that I had to make a new one. I just love this and was frantic because I couldn't find the original image. It was someplace random on the computer and happily, I came across it today. This is charmeuse and takes the dye beautifully. It doesn't need another thing. The other one was a candidate for "can this scarf be saved?" and I was sure the answer was "no!!" --mud on top of mud, all the same value. I tried to save it the first time by screening another layer but it didn't get better. Last ditch - tonight I discharged it. Greatly improved but not done yet. More tomorrow.


Eva said...

It's always great to see other artists in a flow of work, almost as good as feeling it myself.

The structure on the orange-red scarf was beautiful already, but I felt it was waiting for a message, and there it is.

I also love the structure on the blue-green one, I first thought it was done by broken wax layers.
Very convincing!

magsramsay said...

As a scarf aficionado since a child ( when I cadged a silk red polka dot to save me from a scratchy coat), I've been observing your prodigious output with great interest.
Don't dimiss those 'mud on mud' efforts entirely - often those are the type I'll buy as they can compliment an outfit without overwhelming. And the ones that look gorgeous hanging up don't always have the same impact when worn .

Judy said...

I love watching your process....and also the trek of stuff from your dye studio to your sewing area! As always, the scarves are great, and then become even greater!

Happy 92 to your Mom!


Ro Bruhn said...

I've just discovered your blog. Your scarves are wonderful, such great designs. I used to paint on silk, but use paper now most of the time. You've really inspired me to get back to fabric again.

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