Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I'm becoming a hermit

We had a vicious thunderstorm last night, the likes of which could have awakened the dead (except my husband slept through it). It kept me up till about 4:am. THUNDER! LIGHTNING! SIRENS!! Rain teeming on the skylights...a nightly occurrence, lately. I never got out of the house again today but I did accomplish a great deal. Just don't ask me to remember what it was! (just kidding). 1. Cleaned up the dyes, screens, brushes, plastic containers, etc. from the downstairs print table.I hardly recognize it from yesterday. . 2. Cooked dinner: wild caught sea scallops in garlic, butter, lemon. Brown rice with raisins and pine nuts; yellow beets marinated in oil, wine & balsamic vinegars, and dill; baby spinach salad. 3. Paid my bills (but not my mother's bills,which I have to do before I leave). 4. Started to pack my suitcase. Got as far as the underwear and 2 small screens I thought I might need but probably won't. 5. Ironed some scarves. 6. Opened the box that came from Dharma after last week's tjap e-mail. 7. Began deciding which copper tjaps (from Java and Bali or wherever)and wood stamps (from Afghanistan) I am going to sell off. Started photographing but haven't sized or priced them yet. I just don't have room. We are going to downsize and I will be having a downsizing sale over the next x period of time. I'll probably put them on my website with a link from here. Stay tuned. 8. Started stitching one of my tree pieces by machine and decided I will try some hand stitching to see if that works for the circles.9. Began putting together the piece that has been sitting here and that I've carted back and forth from studio to sewing room. This is how I work and how things look as I am putting them together in sections. 10. Checked Funny Word of the Day blog for my daily chuckle. 11. Finished the last of Ben & Jerry's NY Super Fudge Chunk. g'night.


Eva said...

Wonderful work, Rayna! I could imagine the scarves hung up on thin wood rails (one at the bottom) as wall hangings, or free in a room to display the transparent effect or in a window... apart from being worn, of course!
Wish you a good and successful journey and fun. Hope you will have a little time to give us a glimpse into your job.

FunkyC said...

Good Lord, that's a lot in one day!

Where were the ankle biters calling, "Mooo-oooom"? Isn't that what happens at everyone's house?

And the scarves are beautiful.

Diane Wright said...

aboriginalMy gosh, I'm exhausted...in that wonderful spent way...just reading about your day. Wonderful, in that it was very productive and included yummy food. Can't beat that. And when/if those Dharma finds need a new home...call me!

Anonymous said...

Such energy!! Love reading your blogs -


Sherryl said...

Of course the B&J's was the most important thing you did all day! Keep me in mind for some of those tjaps. I am most interested. The tree piece is looking very intriguing. I don't recognize that table!

Rayna said...

the table is in my basement, where I print when I am at home. It's my old butcher block table top on top of my old kitchen cabinets.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rayna,
I confess to being a daily lurker here; generally you are my daily inspiration. I cannot believe your energy level! Your scarves are so cool; my faves are the pink and green in the stack and the trees, of course.
I also have your book and plan to work thru it this summer. Here in NC, that means right this minute through October, but it is so humid. Does that affect the process negatively?
I collect textile blocks; when you have priced them, I will be anxious to shop here for a couple.
Suzanne G in NC

Sherryl said...

Laughing, I meant it was so clean it did not look like what I saw there in April!

Rayna said...

I'm laughing, too, Sherryl - I was beginning to think I had halucinated about your being in my basement. I was working down there again this afternoon - you'd recognize it!

Mandi said...

Ack! I bought tjaps from Dharma last week, too. But I haven't heard from them and they don't show as shipped and I have no idea if I'm even going to get them. Now I have to email them! Luck you that you already got yours!!

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