Sunday, June 21, 2009

feeling sad

Sitting in LAX, directly across from the President's Club (where the gate agent told me I could get free Wifi) and I have about two hours till boarding time. This has been such a wonderful teaching trip that I am sorry to be leaving Southern California. Karen and Ted Rips drove me to the airport - and we stopped on the way at the famous and wonderful Tito's Tacos! It is worth a trip to (or from) LAX just to stop there. Fancy it ain't - but the food is to die for. I kept forgetting to take pictures of all the delicious meals we had while I was here, but this was too good to miss! Really. Tito's is unforgettable.The class wound down today as people worked on the work they had started yesterday or cut into new fabric and reassembled it. Carolyn's piece began as a horizontal and after doing our crit and what if?s, it became more dynamic when she added a few elements, moved others, and turned it into a vertical. Pam's piece on the right started with the gelatin print and is evolving into something very special. (see her blog for lots of better pictures than I got, of the goings on in class)Sharon auditioned her rusted and printed fabrics to see where they would take her -- and she has a pretty clear idea that should be great when she finishes it.
And here's a before and after when the other Pam in the class decided to simplify and let her printed fabric get the attention it deserves.It is still a work in progress but promises to be a very good piece.
Here is Jan's piece from yesterday, cropped and ready to take to the next step.
And here we are at the end of today -a piece of Jan's beautiful screenprinted fabric on a background that seems made for it. Susan West brought in the show and tell she had not had with her yesterday and we enjoyed her sharing. Susan and her husband lost everything in the Santa Barbara fires. Her Fibervision group made her this quilt afterwards, to make her happy. It is delightful and hangs on the wall of her rented house. You simply must click on it to get a closer look!It was hard to say goodbye, but I hope someone will invite me to come again to this part of the world. Flight is boarding soon, so off I go. And I expect you will not hear from me till Tuesday night, after my crit group meeting. It is always harder going home with the time change - I land at 6:am Monday but it will be 3:am California/body time. Maybe I'll be lucky and sleep on this Red Eye.


Judy said...

Welcome home Rayna! Great pics....thanks for sharing your wonderful trip and classes with us.


Eva said...

Looks like the USA are way too large... They will surely invite you again. I would.
I'm enthusiastic about the bold abstraction in some pieces!
Hope you can sleep enough to get over the lag.

Anonymous said...

Rayna, Rayna, Rayna, what can I say, it was a delight to host you here at the Quilters Studio. I was amazed each day at the engery of the students and the work they produced. So much fun to watch. I can't wait to play on my own. I hope you will come back at any chance you can.

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