Tuesday, June 23, 2009

playing the "what if?" game

When I started this blog in January '05, it was a visual sounding board for myself (an oxymoron? maybe - but you know what I mean). I wanted a way of evaluating work in process from a bit of a distance and the digital-to-screen seemed ideal. It was. It still is.
During the last few days of Print Original Fabric/Make Original Quilts, I took digital pictures of students' work in process and uploaded them to my computer. They could see immediately what worked and what didn't and I told them their digital cameras were their friends.
Some time ago I put this up on the wall in my studio.
I auditioned another fabric with it and wasn't sure it made any sense, so I went back to the original idea.Then I wondered what would happen if I made it bigger, since it was the approximate size of so many of my other pieces and I'd like to work larger. So I added these fabrics and brought it all home to put it together.The original idea was to see if I could work in essentially two colors, but I find this too coordinated and as a result, boring. So it sits, and will stay here till I go through a few more permutations tomorrow with my critique group. I find that the idea of consciously working in two colors is meaningless to me. What does this piece say? What is it about? For me, it has to speak and it's not talking yet. Maybe it doesn't want to be larger. We'll see.
As I was going through my photos "in process" tonight, I found some pieces that never got made. Perhaps I'll post them sometime soon.


Eva said...

Could some more contrast be added by discharging/overprinting? And yes, another colour might be the solution.

Judy said...

yes, I agree with Eva: I think you need another bit of color running perhaps vertically between the turq and tangerine frames.........a zing. Your piece is lovely but too content!


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