Tuesday, June 30, 2009

on the wall and on the table

I spent this afternoon in the studio, ironing (of course) and throwing things at the wall to see if I could recreate the feeling of the never-mades posted last week. Nope. Some of the fabrics in the original attempt have been used in other pieces either and can't be replicated or there is only a small piece left. Others have been changed -- either overdyed or overprinted -- and don't work any more. Nevertheless, I played around to see if I could start again. Took pictures, revised, took more pictures, and finally packed up and came home to make dinner. Tonight, more ironing so I can take a pile of fabrics to the studio tomorrow. This is my feeble attempt to clear out this disaster area. Here's what I accomplished - but it doesn't really look like 3 or 4 hours worth of pressing and sorting.I did get some ideas while I was doing this tonight: I just hope I remember them tomorrow!

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Eva said...

Sometimes I have wonderful ideas while falling asleep... And I do get up in spite of being tired, and make notes. Or they never will come back! Maybe you have better brains.

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