Wednesday, June 17, 2009

gelatin, etc

Today, I was so busy I didn't have much time to take pictures, but I will post the few that I have. Big class -- 19 or 20 people -- and very productive, indeed. We did gelatin printing this morning and just these two random photos will give you an idea of the variety.
After lunch, I showed them screen printing with newspaper,
and they went to work!
Pamela Price Klebaum went a step further and used paper (if I remember correctly) as a resist on a Thermofax screen she had brought with her. What a great idea! Later, after the class had plenty of time to play, I showed them the results they could get with tape on a screen. There wasn't a lot of time left to experiment with that, but we'll go back to it tomorrow -along with some other screening methods. In the meantime, a couple of super-achievers went to work with tape and did some really different things. Here is Karen Rips' take on printing with blue tape - isn't it cool? And this screenprint was Eileen Alber's - I can no longer remember whether it was tape or paper, but it is even better in person than in the picture. Sherrill Kahn, who also is taking my class, worked her magic nonstop on paper. She's a live wire and although my one picture of her came out fuzzy, I'll take more tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Eva said...

I must be very rewarding to work with such a group of inventive and inspired people!

Marilyn said...

What great fun you and the class are having. Makes me want to try using the paper and tape for screen printing, too. A few months ago I used blue gel glue and got some interesting results, but now I wonder if it will wash out of the screen after such a long time.
Regarding an earlier post you made--your blog is never boring!

Running With Scissors Studio said...

I'm sooooooo jealous - wish I were there!

Tiggy Rawling said...

Wow, that all looks great. Looking forward to the next installement.

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