Friday, June 26, 2009

more on quilts I never made

The pieces in the previous post no longer exist-- in fact, I never put them together..and it had nothing to do with not wanting to quilt them. This is how I work: I put stuff up on the wall to see what works together, take pictures, and then move them around or add/delete and finally, either make the piece or take everything down and throw the fabrics back into the bins. I never put those pieces together because I did not think they worked. I may have used the fabrics in other pieces, printed over them, or they may be in my archeological dig - the rolling milk crates from Staples that I throw my bits into. (This is why I iron - I am trying to see what I have). Truthfully, in looking through my photos to see what I could delete from my computer, I found a load of these "audition" photos and and am sorry, in retrospect, that I was so hasty in taking them down (the one above doesn't count). While I can't recreate them -- the moment is gone for each of them -- I can take them as a lesson (in what??? -- sewing them together just in case they turn out not to be part of my crap quota?). It is Friday morning. Marty and I are going into NY today to meet our friends from Alabama for lunch. It is about to pour: we are taking the PATH and the subway. I'm bringing my camera but can't guarantee I can keep the raindrops off my lens. I will check back with you tonight.

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