Friday, November 30, 2007


Hey!! For all you non-blogspot or non-google members who want to leave comments without being anonymous, try this: log in as anonymous but just sign your name at the end of your comment. That way, they can't getcha and they can't keep you out. And I,who HATES anon. comments, will be happy when I see who came to visit!


rosemary said...

Hi Rayna, I'm just stopping by to say hello. We have some things in common. For one, a similar opinion on the difficulty of getting good discussions going on "the list" and how frustrating that is. Another is several friends in common, including Helene and Claire, both treasures. You are way ahead of me in the layering and surface design work. I'm just beginning and it is more fascinating and fun the more I do. But, I'm ahead of you (sure I am) in a kitchen remodeling job. I have my faucets! I've been ready for the contractors to start since 11/1. They have postponed twice. They are supposed to start Monday. I'll be ready with a totally empty kitchen. I've had 2 dress rehearsals already, so I know how to do it. I'm so ready to get this done. I've got tile floors, which is good for us due to dogs in the house. It has to be half barn, half house around here. I've got a warm oak wood picked with a medium stain. I have laminate counters in a stone like finish, a little rough, in a terracotta look, like the tile floors. The walls will be off white, decorated with art!! I've rearranged the kitchen to make it user friendly. I even have planned where most of my stuff will go. Did I say I am ready to get this done! My best new thing is my stove. It's gas, with the grates on top, AND a griddle in the middle. Oh my, such a good idea. So user friendly. Just right for two people, or more if needed. Anyway, I want you to know I read your blog every so often, and enjoy hearing about what you are doing. And I know so well how draining these choices can be. Let's see who gets done first. Ha! Rosemary Claus-Gray

Anonymous said...

My dream is that if I work REALLY HARD, someday I'll leave behind the world of Anonymity and rise to the level of genuine Obscurity...

Ted O

(I know, you've forgotten me too)

Judy said...

I hate the anonymous comments too. My sisters in law have finally given in and leave their names, but some people seem to be almost afraid of signing their names at the end of their comments, or are intimidated by the term "blog".

Stay warm and dry!