Friday, November 23, 2007


I sit here tonight, finally tasting the bits left from the pecan and cranberry apple pies I had baked for yesterday's festivities. Feet up, cup of tea at hand, I am finally unwinding after a busy and hectic two weeks.

Why do I feel I need to apologize for not having posted? I have been consumed with major projects, deadlines, and general chaos - but that's nothing new. You know how it feels when your head wants do do something but your body doesn't? That's the way it's been. Every night I am going to post and every night I go to bed instead.

I haven't had time to be in the studio - but I will spend tomorrow there - or a good part of tomorrow, anyway. I am almost hoping nobody else will be there so I can work in peace and concentrate on the design wall.

We have ordered our cabinets and appliances; I have put the contractor on notice that I would like him to do our job - and now, the hard part: wood or tile for the floor? And what shall I do for a backsplash? Tile=grout=stains from fiber reactive dyes or paint splashed while I wash out my fabrics and screens in my future kitchen sink. So far, no answers.

Can i find a kitchen faucet that doesn't cost a king's ransom? You wouldn't belive that it took me less time to pick out my cabinets! This is crazy.

In between visiting every plumbing supply and tile store in a 10 mile radius, I actually printed a few pieces at the museum on Fridays. Some of them may be usable. The others will go back for another round or two. In any case, I will bring them to my studio tomorrow to audition them.
And on that note, off to bed to sleep off the exhaustion of looking at tile and faucets all day. STOP LAUGHING - it is hard work!


lizzieb said...

oh my goodness, you are one busy lady! How do you keep up with yourself?

A new kitchen! good for you!

like your fabrics!

Grace said...

That's exactly how I feel sometimes, want so much to blog but never actually get to it and feel awful in the morning especially if I have a busy day the next day.

Not getting in my studio often enough doesn't help either. So don't feel alone. BTW, love the new pieces.


Karen Stiehl Osborn said...

My sympathies to you! We are adding another bath to our house, and I have spent days looking at faucets and fixtures and lights and flooring and paint and and and.......

Terry said...

I'm doing the same thing--kitchen remodel that is. We are moving plumbing and electric, so getting bids from plumbers and electricians. I think I have settled on floor tile and cabinets. But you are right about the faucets. How can such a small item cost that much? And why are so many of them so ugly/wierd/impractical/complicated?

zquilts said...

LOVE the fabrics !

PaMdora said...

Don't apologize -- I think you should make up some great story about being kidnapped for three weeks by an eccentric billionaire who held you hostage to make fabulous art for his private invisible jet that he uses to transport superheros around the world. Oh wait, that's so good, you can't use it, I need it for my excuse on why I haven't posted! hehe Congrats on the Form Function thing, I got another reject!

Rayna said...

Pamdora - if I weren't so brain dead from looking at faucets, I could have come up with an equally imaginative story. Sorry about Form Not Function - I have to admit I was stunned that my piece got in - and it was NOT the piece I would have expected they would take. Go figure!

TALL GIRL said...

You know how it feels when your head wants do do something but your body doesn't?

Oh, yeah, I know! You are describing my weekend. Great work, Rayna and congrats on the Form Not Function entry!

Judy said...

Phew....I was getting worried about you!
We are getting set to redo our kitchen also! (I'm hoping to throw in the powder room and maybe painting the diningroom and livingroom walls too, and maybe redo their ceilings...while the guys are disrupting our lives, they may as well really have their way with us, right?) The "designer" comes on Tuesday and then the real fun will begin. UGH!
In the meantime we are condo shopping in Atlanta...have decided to make a move from our comfy cozy little spot into something a bit more sleek! YIKES!!!
I love your pieces! In the midst of all of your hubub you can still create some great stuff Rayna.


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