Friday, November 02, 2007


It's been that kind of week. I actually had three deadlines; two huge projects and an art exhibit which opened tonight. Don't know how I did it - but I managed to get it all in on time, delivering the art this morning and then going to the museum to print. I've been keeping my copy machine and my thermofax busy making screens so I could do some things that were different from previous work.

Today was a combination of printing new fabric and going back into what I call the piece from hell. Last week, I took a gorgeous piece of chartreuse and printed it with black. The black was so strong I couldn't stand it. See what I mean? Overwhelming.So today, in desperation, I printed with this week's new favorite screen and tried to obliterate those horrid black lines. As you can see, to no avail. You can still see the black lines. Now what?"Aha," I thought, "I'll discharge and maybe the lines will disappear." Ok, I admit it - I was hoping they would disappear. So i put discharge paste through the same screen and tonight i steamed the fabric.Well, it is getting more intreresting - but the black lines are not going away. i guess i'm stuck with them - but i am not giving up yet and i'll get back to this to put down another layer.
in the meantime, I printed two more pieces. One might be done; the other still needs more.
Stay tuned.


Karen said...

I am watching this with great interest as I am taking a class here in Thousand Oaks CA with Kerr Grabowski next April. I have been screening on my own for a while and I have watched her DVD and tried her techniques and so I'm soaking up everything I can on this.

Gerrie said...

Your new thermofax looks like mine. I love the last two pieces. I think the black one has possibilities if cut and used with other art cloth. Nice to see you at work!!

gabrielle said...

Hey Rayna....and you did it all without a planner. How amazing is that? I envy how productive you are. I have not been in the studio for months....alas spending all my time on business while you have been making art. Cheers to you and hope the shows are profitable and well received as I know they will be.

Judy said...

I am liking what is happening with that chartreusey/black piece, and I agree with Gerrie that it would be nice cut up and added to other works. The last two are wonderful...great color.


Sonji Hunt said...

Those lines are seriously appealing to me. They are kinetic.

marion said...

But I LIKED the black lines... no accounting for taste, is there? it's good to see you producing lots of lovely work again. Go, girl!

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