Sunday, November 04, 2007

nice weekend

Today was a real treat! We had a visit from Russ Little and Dan, who had come up from Maryland to visit family and detoured to Chez Gillman for lunch on their way home. Not only was their company a delight, Russ brought a bag of artwork for me to see: some of his wonderful surface design - some of it already stitched, some in process, and some art cloth. I'm not posting pictures because someday he may want to enter them into an important juried exhibit and I don't want to publish his work on my blog. Meantime, check his blog to see what he is doing.

Time with a kindred spirit is a great stimulus to work and tonight I was determined to finish up a small whole cloth piece that has been sitting around for too long. All I had to do was put on the facing. Dreary work but it really doesn't take long to do. Someone told me years ago to "lose the binding" and that's what I've done. I face, instead. Amazing that I can do this at all, since I flunked 7th grade sewing.

The turquoise strip at the top is the facing. I've sewn it on the way I would sew on a regular binding. Then, I have simply turned it all the way to the back and pinned it so it doesn't show on the front (I hope). End of story.

Friday night I dropped a bunch of art off at an art show in which I had been invited to participate, along with painters, sculptors, printmakers and photographers. The opening was not heavily attended, but evidently the rest of the weekend was busy there. When I went to pick up my work late this afternoon I found that one of my mixed media pieces had sold: a pleasant end to a lovely weekend.


Judy said...

Congrats on your weekend sale!
I agree, spending time with a kindred spirit makes me really want to go play!
Love the colors in your latest piece.


Linda Branch Dunn said...

OK, help me with this facing idea. It sounds good. Do you bother with a backing layer or just stitch/glue it down in the back and devil take the hindmost?

And how/why do you stitch the interior of a whole-cloth piece? I'm beginning to wonder... That's the cosmic you, not YOU necessarily, but what do you think?

Gerrie said...

Congrats on the sale and thanks for the link to Russ. Great fabric!

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