Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Monday and Tuesday

I thought I would reply here to Linda's comment about facing a quilt because some others may have the same questions: Do you bother with a backing layer or just stitch/glue it down in the back and devil take the hindmost? I put batting, backing, and hand-stitch down the facing. This is pretty small, but you can click and maybe see it bigger. And how/why do you stitch the interior of a whole-cloth piece? The stitching gives it texture, which I like. If I were stretching this, I might treat it differently - but I'm not sure.

Monday I took the day off because it was h.b.2 me. Judy, Diane, Rachel, Joan, Joanie and I met with a gallery curator who was picking work for a group show for next March. Then I went to the studio for a few hours of screening with discharge paste. It is too nasty for me to iron, especially indoors and with other artists around. So I took the fabric home, wrapped it and threw it into the steampot. The up-side is that you don't get the smell in a covered pot; the down-side is that you have no control over the process -- it all discharges to the max. Then, of course, you have to go back in and paint dye into the fabric, but that is work for another day.

It finally feels like November, which is not necessarily a good thing. Cold and rainy till late morning, when the sun finally decided to poke its head around the clouds. My woods looked so vivid in the grey, that I took a picture. Doesn't really do it justice, though.

Nature is the best colorist.


Karoda said...

I'm assuming that h.b. stands for Happy Birthday...if that is so than I hope your day was everything and some extra of what you needed it to be!

Gerrie said...

Yes, hb2u!! That is a good tip about discharge steaming versus ironing. I do love the variation you get with ironing.

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