Sunday, November 11, 2007


Yesterday's mail brought the news that my piece, "Lost," had been juried into Form Not Function at the Carnegie Center in New Albany, IN. The full list has not been published, but so far I am in good company.
On another subject...Catching up on blog-reading tonight, I came across
Deb Roby's post on growth and change and on what I would paraphrase as getting sidetracked: distracted, interrupted, putting up our own roadblocks to working. Some of us are better at getting sidetracked than others - I'm right up there with the champs. I announced yesterday to Marty that I was going to the studio to work most of the day; he was happy because he had brought home his own work and was planning to sit at the kitchen table and do it.

BUT FIRST, I had to answer my e-mail. Then, I needed to write up the description for the new workshop I will be teaching at Art Quilt Tahoe next year. These two things took most of the morning. Then my son called; the boys had birthday presents for me and they wanted to come over this afternoon. Great! Haven't seen my son, DIL, and grandsons for eons and was certainly not going to the studio to work when I could see THEM. We spent a delightful couple of hours catching up and then when they left, I had to finish the workshop information. By then, it was time to go visit my mother at the assisted living place and spring her for a while.
We ordered in Chinese food and brought her home with us for dinner. By the time we took her back and got her settled, it was too late for anything else but staring into space.

Somehow, I managed to get distracted/sidetracked/whatever you want to call it/ for the entire day. Tomorrow, then. After I go to the doctor and the gym and before I meet with the kitchen designer and the cabinet guy. Really, tomorrow! I will do creative work! I promise!!


lizzieb said...

Love your piece and congrats on your acceptance!

Well, its not's life! sometimes I think we just have to head for the studio and forget the computer and everything else...let me see when I can plan to do that!

Judy said...

Yes, congrats on your acceptance. I've been reading the list of acceptees, and it is indeed stellar!
I tend to try to escape from my life by heading off to the studio too.........spent a splendidly peaceful afternoon there today. The house is a wreck, but I'm at what's more important?

Hope you had your afternoon of creativity today.


Sonji Hunt said...

That's a beautiful piece, Rayna. I'm hoping to drive down and see the show in person. Congratulations!

Linda Branch Dunn said...

Back when I was all grown up, say 23, a visiting pastor gave a sermon I've never forgotten, about just what you describe: how the hardest thing to get to is the first thing on our To-Do list.

Congratulations on the excellent acceptance. That show's no slouch. I'm proud for you.

Now it's time to call the vet....

gabrielle said...

What a great piece....kudos on the acceptance.As to distraction, this year has been the worst for me.I am in the process of identifying all the distractions and getting rid of as many as possible.
Keep that gorgeous work coming.

Ruth Anne said...

Wow, Rayna. I didn't know we had so much in common. And I know that since you wrote that, you also took the time to visit MY new blog, and to comment. Thank you.
Congratulations on your piece being accepted.

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