Wednesday, November 07, 2007

but first, this breaking news...

Now New Jersey Has Driving Bears

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Add this stranger-than-fiction story to the annals of Weird NJ. From The Star Ledger:

A bruin with a sweet tooth smashed its way into a minivan in Vernon early this morning to gobble up a bag of Halloween candy inside, then took the vehicle for a "joyride," police said.

An officer patrolling Highland Lakes at 2 a.m. found a 2004 Mazda minivan parked on a road shoulder with a front passenger side window smashed out.

The "obvious signs" that this was a bear burglary included paw prints, gobs of drool, claw marks and a large quantity of black bear hair, police said.

But this was no typical bear break-in.
The van was a stickshift, and the bear apparently dislodged the parking brake while noshing on leftover Halloween treats. The vehicle rolled out of a driveway and about 40 feet down the road before stopping, police said.

Aside from drool and hair, all that was left were a bunch of empty candy wrappers inside and outside the van.

In a tongue-in-cheek press release titled, "Black Bear Goes For a Joyride," police also said that the patrolman "followed the candy wrapper trail into the woods, but was unable to locate the defendant black bear."

Not nearly as interesting... In the past few weeks I have put aside my Pro Fab paints and have been painting and screening with thickened dyes. Today I had a few hours in the studio and played with some resists. Here is the fabric just after I printed it with my new favorite MX color - butterscotch. Mmmm.It looked yummy, but after I had steamed and washed it, the color had become less vivid. Well, this just means I need to go back in and add another layer. Do I need an excuse? In my last post I talked about discharging by throwing the fabric into the steamer. Here is a piece that was so dark, you couldn't see the writing. Now, of course, it is too pale. Monday, when I was discharging, I had only one of my screens in the studio so I used it on everything. Well, at least there will be some underlying family resemblance - LOL. I won't bore you with the rest of them.
Tomorrow I hope to spend most of the day in the studio again. I now have a copy machine over there, which I found on Craig's List for a song. Next is my Thermofax.

The good news is that more artists are moving into our building. Tom Nussbaum, a sculptor and printmaker, is taking the space and subdividing it - so across the hall, there will ultimately be 4 or 5 more artists. Hooray!

Vinny, the guy in the other space on our floor, was evicted for non-payment of rent. Sidebar: he told us he had a video business. Once he was leaving, we found out what kinds of videos he was making in there -- and I have to say, we all got a big chuckle out of it, after the fact. No wonder he was always there working late at night! You should see some of the items that came out of there - LOL.


TALL GIRL said...

Re: the butterscotch; maybe it needs chocolate sauce, marshmallow cream, chubby hubby and peanuts? I may not be eating it, but I am still thinking about it...yum!

Re: the bear...wouldn't that dried drool have made a wonderful screen?!!!

Rayna said...

LOL, Carol. EEEEW. On both counts.

Judy said...

so, with just one screen, it sounds like you were working in a series, huh?

belated hb wishes! sounds like you had a great day!


Bev said...

Try some chartreuse with that butterescotch. Those 2 and eggplant are some of my new fav's.

Susie Monday said...

I too just bought a copier -- laser toner so that I can make thermofaxes at home I'm 1/2 hour away from a copy machine) and then what happens, but I break my HP all in one that I use for color printing. If it isnt one thing... and the little crafty shows I was counting on for selling off some scarves and notebooks was canceled, so the income for the month looks a bit sketchy! Sometimes is seems hard to get ahead -- I am indulging in a slight rant here you can tell. I thought the bear would sympathize.

Twila Grace said...

I very much like the butterscotch piece.

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