Monday, November 26, 2007

wasting time

Well, I was going to blog about this subject this morning while I am home doing just that - but Susie Monday has a good post on her blog about getting organized, so you can go read that. 43 folders, indeed!

Have you ever noticed how much time we waste getting organized? It is so much more fruitful to spend your time on important things and leaving the organizing to when it becomes urgent. Then, working under pressure, it is amazing how organized you can become in no time flat! Isn't that efficient? You realize, of course, that nobody ever needs to hire a consultant or read a book to help them become cluttered and disorganized.

- so back to wasting time. I was going to the studio today for a few hours, but came home from my early meeting and I'm still here. Have to accompany Marty to the doctor this afternoon anyway, so there was no point in going for an hour or two, was there? Yesterday, I spent the entire afternoon there - in peace and quiet - not another soul around - and I accomplished a lot.
1) put a piece ready to be trimmed on my 12' design wall and measured/trimmed it so it is reasonably on-kilter. Came home and cut/sewed on the facing, which has to be hand-sewn to the back.
2) ironed and sorted a bit.
3) auditioned fabrics for a new piece. Here is the first of many rejected versions; I won't bore you with the rest. But after having reviewed them in jpg form, I now know what the piece is about -- if I ever make it.
Now that I have wasted the entire morning (well, I did leave a message for the contractor and I did post to my blog - both big accomplishments) it is time for lunch. Oh, I also made a big pot of stone soup, which I am going to dig into. Today - rainy and slightly chilly. A soup day!


Linda Branch Dunn said...

Rayna, I love this piece - can't see what you rejected, but I'm glad you know.

Help me out --- I'm trying to break free from the grip of pre-printed fabrics. Does one just go cold turkey and clean out the studio? Yikes.

Susie Monday said...

You are so right,but I waste even more time thinking about and planning to get organized. If I just do it (OK 43 folders does really work for me), I actually do get to the studio, like I did today! Yippee. I will post the results later

Susie Monday said...

Linda -- you can always ease into it by overdyeing and overprinting any sort of interesting stuff.

Rayna said...

Linda - I started by combining my hand-prints with commercial fabrics and I still throw a commercial scrap in once in a while for variety. Sometimes it's just what you need.

But yes, get out those uglies and dye/print! I am putting together a workshop called "Can This Fabric Be Saved?" aka "What Was I Thinking (when I bought/dyed/printed this fabric)???!!!"

Gerrie said...

I love how you have been wasting time!! I have, in the past, spent a lot of time getting organized to only be unorganized in a matter of days. I give up.

Rachel said...

Rayna, I recognize fabric from different days of work, now in one piece. Good for you.

Frances said...

Rayna I wish I could do rejects just half as good as yours, I like the way this piece has started,

I rarely organise, I am often 'going to get organised' but I always get side tracked into something much more interesting,

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