Monday, November 26, 2007

Case Histories

by Kate Atkinson. Have you read it? I took it with me this afternoon when we went to the doctor but only got a few pages into it. Now I am too tired to read. I am staring at the latest permutation of yesterday's posted piece-in-progress and will leave it there for a while. Had a long conversation with the contractor tonight - I think I have finally decided on wood floors for the kitchen - what I have always wanted and damn the torpedoes. Tomorrow, back to the studio with a fist full of fabric I brought home the other day to steam. I am making up for lost time this week - but I do have to pack supplies and get organized for my 5 day workshop at the Greenville Arms in the Hudson Valley.


Karen said...

Hi Rayna,
I have wood floors in my kitchen and they work just fine. The only word of caution I can think of is that in direct sunlight they can fade. I have had them for 15 years and they have been refinished twice with no problems

Linda Branch Dunn said...

Wood floors: yes. Mine are old. Hating dust and upheaval, we have never refinished them. Sure they are dull and scratched. Still, they are beautiful. They are forgiving. They are not slippery. They are warm. I figure mankind lived, cooked, and was house-proud for centuries before polyurethane invented.

Russ Little said...

Glad you settled on the wood floors. They'll look great with the rest of the house and will help to unify the spaces. The pre-finished stuff that's being installed today is really durable. Besides, it's not like your rollerskating or running around in spike heels, are you?

Terry said...

I just started reading "Case Histories"--about three chapters into it. It was loaned by my walking partner who recommended it. I like it so far.

Your kitchen choices look great. I have settled on porcelain tile for the kitchen. I've always loved terra cotta, but it needs to be sealed and maintained. The porcelain looks like terra cotta. I know it's hard and cold and unforgiving, but it's the look! I probably need one of those gel mats to stand on.