Tuesday, March 04, 2008

the computer ate my e-mail

Seriously. I turned on my computer yesterday to find a BLANK, EMPTY in box. You cannot imagine the horrible feeling: I am a pack rat (in case you didn't know) and I had not only current e-mails that I had not had time to answer, but saved e-mails from someone very special to me. GONE. Not even gone into the DELETE folder. Just gone. Not a complete disaster, since I have another computer which also receives e-mails and I was able to fwd: to myself the important ones, like when my work is due to the exhibit that my group, Studio Six, is having, when the opening reception is, and who needs a supply list for a future workshop. Well, I suppose my mailbox just exploded; maybe it is a message from the universe to clear the clutter. Feng Shui in action. - LOL.

SPEAKING of clearing the clutter (none of which is in the kitchen these days) Judy Carpenter has been on my case to post pix (is that a non-sequitor?) If you don't care, please feel free to skip to the next topic. Ok Judy - here is the quick look at today's progress.
The cooktop will go above it. I love this oven already because all 3 shelves are full extension.

This slightly fuzzy picture is of the island with the pièce de résistance between the two sets of drawers: a clear ice machine that makes teensy, itsy bitsy clear ice cubes. Oh, how lovely! Never again to struggle with ice cube trays and off-tasting cubes. What an extravagance: my gift to myself. It had to be in the middle because it was closer to the water line. Not as symmetrical as if it had been on the end, but when did I ever care about symmetrical?
I spent Sunday and Monday working on my presentation for this weekend (can i call it a slide lecture if i'm using a digital projector and no slides???). There is a slight learning curve with Powerpoint, the biggest one of which is that you don't burn the CD till you are absolutely, positively sure that you will not want to change or insert anything else. It's a lot less time consuming if you don't have to erase the CD 45 times.

I got my thin envelope from Visions yesterday. No big surprise and I am in excellent company.

Today I spent part of the day dividing 50 lbs of soy wax into little baggies; my contractor thought they were either soap flakes or drugs. I got through about 35 lbs before I quit. Tonight, I go back to ironing and sorting. Tomorrow, I have to mix up alginate paste and other things and pack some boxes. Oh, and Jay the soapstone guy is coming to install most of my counters. I had better get a good night's sleep.


PaMdora said...

thin too!
Hope you get your email back -- kitchens looking great!

Rayna said...

Never found the e-mails but oh well.
I will be so glad to get my kitchen back (end of the month, if lucky). Tired of nuked frozen food and - gasp!- restaurant meals. Thanks!

Judy said...

Thanks Rayna! Love the way it is all coming together.


Russ Little said...

Kitchen looks outstanding! Sorry to hear about the e-mail. My solution to most computer problems these days is "Macintosh." I haven't called my computer a dirty name since I switched.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. Wish I was taking the workshop. It's probably better that I'm not. I really can't fit anything else into my schedule just now...but look at who I'm complaining to!

Anonymous said...

I keep watching the kitchen remodeling, with recent memories of doing the same thing. The one day when you were snowed in, with no kitchen, sounded awful. Having just been through it all, I know how often I gave in to all the stress of everything out of place, no kitchen, and bad weather, and just went out to eat. But you couldn't do that. You got through, and that's what counts. The kitchen is looking awesome! It will be worth it. My studio looked much like yours, with half the kitchen in there. I carved out a small place to work. It simply was necessary. When everything is back in it's place, it's wonderful! Best wishes, Rosemary

Gerrie said...

I agree with Russ - go Mac!! Got a thin one, too, and I am in good company!!

Rayna said...

MAC - maybe when this one runs out.
I had an Apple IIe in 1982. Where has the time gone?

Terry said...

Wow, your kitchen is looking great! When I was planning the layout of mine one of the things I was really looking at in other kitchens and photos was whether layouts were symmetrical or not. Most are not. I think it is impossible to be both symmetrical and functional at the same time. Funny the things you obsess over that were not noticed or taken for granted before. The ice machine sounds like a real luxury. I am happy to have ice in the refrigerator door for the first time! In my current kitchen we would have had to run the plumbing around two walls and through the cabinets so we never had a frig with ice and water. I feel like our forebears who got running water inside the house for the first time! It has been a luxury to live in one house while remodeling the other. Living without a kitchen sounds like a pain. I love seeing the photos.

Liz said...

I feel for you Rayna - I'd go ballistic if mine did that...

Did you know that there is a programme you can buy (fairly cheap I think) called Express Assist which backs up your email settings, emails, favourites and stuff like that for you. If you use Outlook Express, anyway.