Wednesday, May 28, 2008

blogarithm sold

If you subscribed to my blog (or any blog) with blogarithm, you know that it has sold itself to somebody-or-other. So far, the buyer has not come through with any blog-update e-mails, except for one horrible unreadable one that was full of text. They promise to get their act together, but meantime, I have put a FeedBlitz thingie on my blog. You can sign up with Feedblitz for updates. No ironing tonight.


Gerrie said...

This made me very angry because my list of blogs that was stored on their site is gone - just disappeared. I got no notice of this - did you?

Rayna said...

Nope. Angry is an understatement!

Teresa said...

SO Frustrated! I emailed the guy that used to own Blogarithm and he said it should get better. I am still waiting. I at least saved a copy of BlogA email, so I have been limping along with that. If you copy and paste some of the gibberish in the new emails, you can get by.