Saturday, May 03, 2008

blogger is a fusspot

Every so often it decides it doesn't want to let me in. I have to leave comments on other peoples' blogs as "anonymous" and it asks me for my password, etc. before it will even let me get to my own page. BUT - here I am. Spent a couple of evenings and today taking care of grandkids and daughter who just had a bit of surgery, then ran to visit my mother. It was great to spend time with Hilary, even though she wasn't feeling great -- and with Josh and Ben, for a change. However, I am glad to be home; a martini & steak dinner and a hot shower have done wonders -- and a strong cup of coffee is next.

Tomorrow I am taking a workshop instead of giving one: a luxury I don't give myself too often. Judy Langille and I are spending the day with n'ketiah Brakohiapa, a master dyer and surface designer originally from Ghana. Tuesday, I'm leaving again to teach a workshop, and the week after, I'm off to International Quilt Market in Portland. I expect to have time for at least a drink with Terry Grant! Gerrie - I'll catch you next time.

So, I am going to make coffee and put my feet up to read The Friday Night Knitting Club, a no-brainer, completely predictable airplane book. Exactly what I need. I started it last night and it was such a pleasure to be drawn into a book. I knew it was silly and didn't care. Tonight, I will read some more. This is on my design wall: product of last week's studio days.
If I can take pix at tomorrow's class, I'll keep you posted.


Susie Monday said...

Can't wait to hear about the workshop and n'ketiah's work. Thanks, susie

Karoda said...

I googled the designer you're taking the workshop from...where does he sell his clothing? Looking forward to seeing what you come away with from the class.

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