Friday, May 23, 2008

well, it didn't take long

for my home studio to get back to normal - or what passes for normal around here. Ahhhh - this means I'm working. It has been so long since I've looked at and handled my fabrics that I am actually rusty. It's like speaking French or riding a bike: it takes a bit of time for it to come back and feel comfortable and instinctive.

This delicious pile of fabrics is my attempt to audition various pieces so I can make a few small things. But I think I am too tired now, at 1:am, to make decisions. I already sewed facing to the front of a piece that has been sitting here since the year of The Flood...and I sandwiched another piece that needs to be stitched and photographed. So, I feel I have accomplished something tonight.

1 comment:

Karoda said...

rock on rayna!!! messy piles of fabric is a great thing!

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