Saturday, February 03, 2007

cheap is cheap

I had an aunt who used to say that, and the rest of the family adopted it because it is SO true. Cheap is cheap = you get what you pay for. All this is leading up to the fact that the guy with truck who quoted us a bargain price to move us into the studio (Mona and me) - never showed up this morning. Cheap is cheap: remember that! Mona called someone else who is reliable and for twice the price, he is expected to show up on Tuesday morning to move us. Ok. In the meantime, I took the chair pillows, some printmaking paper, a couple of plants, and I forget what else, over to the studio. Watered the plants and ironed some fabric. Then came home and spent 3 + hours with two of our delightful grandsons. Tonight - Netflix sent us "Garden State" with Zach Braf. I may be from the Garden State (see a recent post) but I gave up on this movie before it was over. Gawd, I hate to post without visuals - but nothing could be less interesting than someone else's grandchildren. And there isn't much else around here that you haven't seen. Tomorrow, my baby and her husband and a visit to the hospital to see ma. No pix there. So, you'll have to suffer till Monday when maybe if you are lucky, I can get a picture of Rachel Cochran and me at Home Depot and then schlepping design wall panels up the stairs - LOL. Ta ta for now.

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