Thursday, February 08, 2007

hot water

Something we take for granted - until it is not available. The studio's hot water heater is in and it has already made a difference. Although I was the prime agitator, we will all benefit (after all, how can we wash out our coffee cups or sanitize our hands without hot water??) and will be sharing the cost of the tank, the copper pipes, and the installation. This afternoon, I decided to mix up some dyes because I am tired of printing on plain muslin. When I left for the day, these containers were sitting - and tomorrow I will actually be able to wash out my fabrics for the first round, at least, before I leave for the weekend and take them with me. I screened some fabric but all the pictures I took were fuzzy. Probably because somewhere along the line today I lost my reading glasses - in the case. I am too lazy to retrace my steps (probably somebody ran them over in the Home Depot parking lot) so tomorrow morning, off to Spare Pair to have a couple more pairs made. Thank god they are not my $500 progressives!

Tomorrow night we are babysitting for the grands -- and I hope to take my laptop with me and catch you up on whatever. I passed a Used Furniture & Antiques place today as I was leaving the dollar store (yes, I finally found one of those places!) and maybe I'll stop by to see if they have anything interesting tomorrow. Or not.


Gerrie said...

I love that photo! The anticipation of rinsing out dyed fabric is so cool!

Deb H said...

Funny. I buy extra readers at Costo, in sets of 3! I regularly lose or mess them up. I had titanium progressives, very spendy. Lost them to the hospital laundry 3 weeks after I got them. Hence, I buy cheap readers now, & if I ever have to wear bifocals, I'll get them at Costco's Optometry too!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rayna,
I got inspired by Inga's blog, and now yours. I don't have a lot of time considering that I work full time, but it seems like a fun thing to do, so I want to start a blog. Do you have any pointers?

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