Thursday, February 15, 2007

where has time gone?

Coming into Friday already. Well, we lost a day with the sleet and ice yesterday. I stayed in and worked but got too distracted with making onion soup and doing laundry. I was glad I had the foresight to bring home some screens - and I liked what I printed so much that I might just make some Thermofax screens of the images. Could be interesting. This thing on the left is not anything I would want to repeat. Besides, I washed it and while the part on the right held, the left side washed out a lot because it was old dye. Just as well - it is really not my favorite. It goes into the "can this fabric be saved?" pile. I have my work cut out for me: the pile gets higher every day. Tonight I sewed together umpteen billion yards of heavy white felt to put up on my design wall. I am bringing a stepstool and industrial stapler with me tomorrow (probably overkill) and am determined to put it up it so I can mute the pink and start to put things up on the wall. In the meantime, in a moment of weakness, I bought a Janome 6500 today from a friend who has traded up. The decision then becomes whether I bring it to the studio or leave it home. From all the reports, I am making a good decision -- although exactly WHY I need another machine eludes me. This has been the kind of week where I'm not sure which e-mails I have answered and which ones I still need to answer. I sometimes think my dance card is too full and my mind too empty. I'll start again tomorrow with a fresh slate.

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