Saturday, February 24, 2007

Salad Days

I never did understand what that expression meant, but it makes me think the reference must be to carefree youth. Remember that? I don't think it exists. Ah - I just googled the expression and I wasn't far off.

At any rate, here's what started the whole thing. Isn't it fun? My studio neighbor, Claire Baker, has the most wonderful inventory of inexpensive goodies in her studio and on her blog - and I had to have this bowl. There's a fruit bowl, too. She's an artist with a wonderful sense of whimsy and is making fabulous dolls from orphaned gloves, among other things.

There were four of us at the studios today and we spent as much time chatting as working.
We are still getting to know one another, so today was special. I had said some time ago that everybody has brought in at least one chair and that I wanted to photograph all the chairs because I think they say something about the owners' personalities. What, I don't know. I'll let you play "analyze this."

Here's mine - which you have seen umpteen times. It now has a partner, but this is really my favorite. (Not that I ever SIT in it, but I will.)

Today, I borrowed Claire's ladder and put up a layer of batting over the felt. It's not as neat looking because batting stretches -- but it does mute the pink a bit more. So, it will do for the time being, till I find something better. I worked most of the day and left it in some disarray, which Claire's studio mate Kathryn says is a good thing because it means we're starting to treat it like a real working studio. Kathryn makes her living painting dog portraits, although she does other art for herself.

She brought her cute little Yorkie in today and for me to say "cute" is a big deal, since I am not an animal person. All in all, a good day.


Judy Rys said...

Hi Rayna:

Great bowl! Claire does have some very funny items on her blog. I have a friend that would love the Bush coasters! Does she have any interesting textured products to print with? Sink mats, perhaps?


CancerDiva said...

Hi, Ruth. Thank you for directing me to your blog. The chairs are a cool idea. There's just something about chairs! Congrats on your new artist space. I'm envious... wonderful!

I enjoyed looking at your art on the web site. Beautiful. The Poland and Brights are my favorites... followed closely by Scarves... but I liked them all.

I'm going to bookmark you... and I hope to hear from you again on my blog, too.

All the best to you and your fellow artists!

Terry Hayes

Anonymous said...

And here I thought "salad days" was all about not being able to afford meat, as in young and struggling. lol.

Karoda said...

I've never heard that phrase to remember it at least...but I love the meaning and that line from Cleopatra will surely end up in an altered book...thanks for hipping me to it.

Your chair says "I want you to be comfortable while here but make your visit short and interesting."

Rayna said...

Karoda - I hadn't thought about it - but you might be right. I'll have to contemplate that a bit. Anybody have comments about my studio mates' other chairs?

Shelina said...

There certainly are a lot of different personalities there in the studio. It must be inspirational to be working with so many other artists.

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