Sunday, July 26, 2009

classes start tomorrow

Meantime, the weekend has been good. I drove up to Syracuse yesterday, settled into the dorm suite that I am sharing with Jane Sassaman, Dorothy Caldwell, and Elizabeth Barton. Then I went over to the classroom and unloaded supplies.
Last night, Jane and I went to dinner with Anna Hergert, Donna Lamb, executive director of the Schweinfurth, and three veteran QBL'ers - Emily, Barbara, and Alice. We ate downtown in an area that reminded me of the Short North in Columbus: dinner was excellent and a lot of fun. Barbara, Anna HegertEmily, clowning around, and Donna. If you think Emily looks familiar it's because you just saw her identical twin in the previous photo.
Jane Sassaman, obviously enjoying the spectacle.
This morning, Jane and I went to breakfast at a place called the Egg-Plant, in East Syracuse. Of course we got lost -- but eventually got there and had a good repast. Afterwards, we found our way to the art fair downtown and spent an hour wandering around, looking for something we couldn't live without. Jane bought two long skirts and although I tried one on, it made me look like a blimp so I left it there. At dinner, it was big-hug time for some friends - Sally Davis, Sandy Donabed, and Randy Keenan whom I have not seen since last month at crit group(LOL). Also, students who have been in class with me at QSDS and other places -- it's always fun to see familiar faces. Judy Warren Blaydon was the first person I saw yesterday when I arrived and I was so happy to see her after 9 years. Yikes - how is it possible? It was good to see Jane Dunnewold, catch up with Rosalie Dace's adventures, and talk to Bob Adams at dinner, too. I was doing more table-hopping than eating (which might not have been a bad thing). Bruce Hoffman spoke tonight and was his usual charming, frank, shoot-from-the-hip self. The thunderstorm started while he was speaking and while the rain slowed a bit by the time the evening was over, we all got a bit wet walking back to the dorm. QBL's new venue at Onandaga County College is lovely: the facilities are nice (and air conditioned - hooray!) and everything is pretty walkable. However, my umbrella is in the car and since it is raining and I have some quilts to take over with me, I will probably drive to class tomorrow. I should have more pix to post by tomorrow night.


ceceliaellis said...

Hi Rayna. Welcome to my town! The Eggplant is only minutes from my house!! I am hoping to get to QBL Tuesday morning or Wed around lunch. Can't wait to see you. Cecelia

Sue Erdreich said...

Hi Rayna,

Emily taught the first quilting class I ever took, at City Quilter. She told us all about QBL; it sounds like a blast. Maybe someday...


Judy said...

I love long skirts too, but they also make me look blimpish.........don't you wish we'd gotten longer legs when they were handing them out! LOL
Looks like you're having a grand time....and what a fun crowd to hang with!


Sue Dennis said...

Oh how nice to see my friends Emily, Barbara, Anna & Alice somewhere in the background there having fun together. Wish I was there too!
cheers from Aussie Sue

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