Friday, July 10, 2009

it doesn't pay to stay home

The last two days I was in the studio. On Wednesday I did a little scrunching and throwing into a quart plastic container with dye. Most of my studio dyes are used up and all I had left was strongest red and some teal. So, into the red went a couple of small pieces. They looked like this when I took them out. Yesterday, I simply couldn't resist stopping the sorting process to see what I could do with these (and a few other) bad dye jobs. The piece above still looks like that. The red had been used up, so I overdyed the other one by throwing it into the teal. What a horrible combination; especially with the layer of some random deconstructed screen printing under all of it. So I decided to play "Can this Fabric be Saved?"I picked up a partially used deconstructed screen that was lying around; mixed up some thiox paste and put it through the screen. I had no idea what would happen but I knew it couldn't be worse. I was right. Here's what it looks like today, after discharging and washing/ironing. I don't know how or when I will use it but at least it has potential. Now I have to go change because Marty and I are going to Happy Hour at a local restaurant and I can't go with chocolate all over my shirt.

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Eva said...

Looks like securing of evidence. I love it!

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