Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Impossible to photograph the raindrops: at least with my camera and lack of training. But before I have even have my coffee this morning, I am at the sliding glass door, photographing the reflections on the deck. This is my glass-topped table. The last two days have been beautiful, so I suppose it was too much to ask that it continue. That's okay. This weather has its own beauty, which I am trying in vain to capture. Here's a better reflection of the table. Almost like glass reflected in glass.
and look -- my trees!In the front, my poor, sad garden is looking healthier. Everything looks exaggeratedly, vividly, green in this weather. Or maybe it really is. But just to the left of all this green, another palette more indicative of the day's mood. I slept late and half the morning is gone in the procrastination of taking pictures and writing. I need to go have coffee, pay bills, and then,this afternoon, go back to the studio to do more work on two pieces in process.

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