Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday morning

As I walk from the dorm each morning, I pass the loveliest little spot full of cattails and queen anne's lace. While the campus is not entirely bucolic like this, it is lovely and manicured and buildings are a much easier walk than they were at Morrisville. The teachers here are top-notch and some of them have taught at places like Arrowmont, where Judy Langille tells me she will be teaching in September. The class is called"Torn Paper and Textures:The Art of Original Cloth". It is, by the way - a wonderful class - which I know from first hand experience. The dates are Sept.20 - 26. Go to; Judy tells me there are all sorts of scholarships and deals available that can be found on their site. Back to this campus - today there will be a tour for the public of what's going on in the classrooms around QBL and I hope I'll have a chance to duck out at some point and see for myself. Yesterday, my class was just getting warmed up with some exercises on working with photos and here is Lori's quick study. More from everybody else later. I'm off to start my day!

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