Friday, July 24, 2009


I had forgotten how liberating it can be not to know what time it is. I am rarely without a watch on my left wrist and The Bracelet on my right. But this afternoon, in the midst of packing in preparation for my teaching trip to QBL tomorrow, I had to run errands and - eeeek -- I ran out without my watch. I made the round to Staples, Dollar Tree, K-Mart, and Whole Foods - all of which are in the same strip mall. I was so relaxed, just wandering from store to store, la-di-da that I lost track of time. And guess what? It was nice for a change. I recycled my toner and picked up a pack of rubber bands - odd sizes & colors; a pack of two sharpie-wannabe black markers; a box of pencils and some cut-out cardboard letters I might be able to use for screen printing in class next week.
Time Bandits 2003
Then I wandered into K -Mart, where I found black cotton/rayon t-shirts on sale that might discharge nicely at some point. And my favorite summer uniform - the black capri pants (or whatever they call them these days) - somewhat unflattering but the next size up are three sizes too big.. They're cool (we're talking temperature, not style), comfortable, and I can't worry about the other part. Going into the dressing room, I had more items than they let you take in, so I left some with the attendant. Of course they were gone when I got out -- put back by some employee who needed to look busy. Fortunately, I had left my watch at home and could not aggravate over how much time it took me to remember where I had found them in the first place. Off to Whole Foods and I was so relaxed by the time I got home that I may go out without my watch again sometime. By now, I am mostly packed (having removed the labels from my new garments) and have even started to stitch the quilt I finished this week. Another in what is turning out to be my X series - but certainly not by design and not all in succession. I am taking a sewing machine with me in the god-forbid case that I find myself without anything to do one night at QBL. I also unearthed some hidden treasures tonight: pieces I created four or five years ago and had rolled up and stuck in the corner. They are fairly large and I suppose I should do something to finish or mount them. I didn't like them at all when I finished them but I quite like them now, with the passage of time. Here are the two I prefer. So -- time to get some sleep so I can finish packing and leave in the morning. It i so nice to be driving instead of flying and shipping. Will post from the wilds of upstate New York.


Diane Wright said...

Unearthed treasures, indeed!

I discovered to my dismay how time had taken over my life some years ago. I took my watch off permanently. A small gesture..but for me, profound consequences. (after all there's always a clock of some sort around...on the dashboard, on your cell...if all else fails, it's a conversation starter) It was an extraordinary opportunity to "see" my world and not hurry by it. I have a lot more to say about time (e.g. western vs Aboriginal). I could go on coffee needs refreshing ;^)

I'm really enjoying your unearthing will be interesting to see what you do with them. Thanks.

Judy said...

I love your "Time Bandits" Rayna.
Have a great trip.


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