Wednesday, July 29, 2009

shifting gears

Last night was the mini-mall at QBL - the vendors were open and the teachers and students who had goodies to sell were there, too. Bob Adams sold some quilts -- one of which I was sorely tempted to buy, but was grabbed up by someone just ahead of me. Randy Keenan was vending Helene Davis' fabrics and wonderful t-shirts and I bought a yard of fabric and a wonderful long-sleeved tee which I will wear tomorrow. Judy Blaydon was selling prints of her work and keeping her company was Rosalie Dace. She was in a conversation when I snapped this photo, listening intently to someone.And Jane Sassaman, who spoke tonight about how she designs her fabrics, was there last night with a table full of goodies for sale. She has a wardrobe of snazzy aprons made from her bright fabrics. I could use one of those, if only I didn't have to make it. I don't sew. My friend Barbara Conte-Gaugel, who lives in Syracuse, came to visit me and we caught up with each other. It was so good to see her after several years - and it is always as though no time has gone by. Today, first day of new class, which is turning out to be a guided studio class. This semi-private workshop has five participants with varied goals and it will be exciting to see how their work develops over the next couple of days.


Anonymous said...

I'm digging the t-shirt you have on in the picture.

Grace said...

Me too liking the shirt. BTW, in the background of the pic with Rosalie Dace is MY quilt, "At Odds".

When I scrolled down the post, the picture and setting somehow looked familiar to me but that couldn't be....I know I didn't make it to QBL this year. How could it be familiar?

It is only then out of the corner of my eye I recognized why....the bottom half of my quilt (upper right in pic) is showing. How way cool to see "ME" hanging. Thanks Rayna (unknowingly, of course)!

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