Saturday, July 18, 2009

a fresh start

My design wall in the studio is covered in white batting; the one at home has always been gray. Yesterday, I decided it was too dark and depressing and I covered the whole 4x8 piece of Celotex with thin white batting. What a difference! The fresh cover on the wall made me want to play around with the few scraps that are still at home. This is about a 9x12 piece, I suspect. Still pinned and I took it to work today to see whether it should be bigger. It's now on the wall in the office (as I refer to it when I'm at home). As usual, a couple of auditions. As you may be aware, I've been playing around with arrangements of these random strip blocks. Last week or so I had a really nice arrangement on the wall at home and then I took it down and started again. Here's as far as I'd gotten and I was thinking that should be IT. This morning, I was all set to finish it and gallery-wrap it. Now here's the interesting part (or at least I think so). Tonight, when I was getting the photo ready to upload, I flipped it and realized I'm not ready to be done with it.All of a sudden I saw what looks like the beginning of an entirely new piece, done with many more solids (well, actually, Helene Davis' fabrics) and using the prints more sparingly. Turning the piece upside down gave me a whole 'nother vision - instead of looking integrated, that section of the piece looks like it needs to break away.
Now I'm excited about playing around with it to see what happens.


Del said...

When I do a presentation about TCQC I talk about getting a different view and tell them I sometimes hang quilts upside down or sideways. It does give a new insight. Usually the artist's idea is indeed the best, but a few have sleeves both vertical and horizontal because I like the different aspects. There was a short thread about this on QuiltArt sometime ago and some artists were a little testy about having their quilts hung this way. Odd, that!
I will happily participate in your 'cut it up' experiment.

Marilyn said...

I like all the prints--it seems very different for you.

Eva said...

Sure it's interesting. It's exiting!

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