Thursday, July 23, 2009

finally done!

Yesterday, I finally finished putting together a quilt I have been working on for what seems to be months. I had arranged and rearranged it so many times that I think I shall make a power point presentation out of it for my Jump-starting the Art Quilt workshop next week: anatomy of a piece. A couple of the fabrics I used are on the left. It's really interesting to see how it has morphed and changed. Finally, with some crit and feedback that kept me from giving up entirely, it has come together so that I am, if not deleriously happy, at least satisfied with it. Now I can stitch it and move on. I also played with some screen printing yesterday - going back into a couple of fabrics, and pulling a print or two on paper. This is on newsprint - an audition to see whether I liked it before printing it on fabric. Yes, I liked it, but I never did it on the fabric. The orange print is the original; the left one is the ghost. This was a deconstructed screen print on fabric - the first pull was subtle. Here's the second pull, which I did on paper. I really like this.
Off to start the day's errands and appointments before I spend a few hours in the studio.

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Anonymous said...

Rayna... oooh Ahhhh! I love the first subtle print... and really love the paper one... do you like working more on fabric or paper for screenprinting? Do you find the paper takes the dye's and or paints differently than cloth?


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