Saturday, July 18, 2009

it felt like a Sunday

which is never, ever my favorite day. Since childhood, I have hated Sundays. So this weekend, a double whammy. We went to the park this afternoon. Verona Park is about two minutes by car from my door: it was designed by the Olmsteads, who designed Central Park. It has 54 acres, bridges,2 lakes, lawns, tennis courts, a boathouse and it is lovely. Olmstead also designed Branch Brook Park in Newark - another county park that has more than 2,000 cherry trees (greater both in variety and number than the famed Washington, D.C., display). But I digress...There was an arts event going on, so there were more people than on a normal Saturday - and tonight at 5:pm there was a free production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. We could not stay for it. Marty sat by the tennis courts while I went out of the park to get the car so I could retrieve him. Here is some of what I saw as I walked. Maybe if I'm lucky, tomorrow will feel like a Saturday. I will go to the farm to buy corn and peaches and then go to the studio. Late afternoon, Todd and Lesli Gillman and our grandkids are stopping en route from VT to D.C. after Lesli and the 3 kids had a month at camp. And their uncle Ross cousin Alexander will be coming by to visit. Hamburgers and chips on the grill: let's hope the rain keeps its pants on. I meant to do some art tonight but can't seem to get going. Maybe tomorrow in the studio will be productive.


Merrilee Tieche said...

Beautiful pictures, Rayna, even for a Sunday! I would wish for this whole week in reverse for both of us!

Anonymous said...

Did I do something wrong: the font on your blog is so hard for my eyes now (very small), not on other blogs, but maybe I changed a setting on yours?

the fabric on yest's blog is lovely. No need to go back in imo.

Linda in storms-rolling-thru Belgium

Carol said...

Hi Rayna, Thanks for dropping by my blog. I normally read you through Planet Textile Threads but thought I would visit your blog. I have long admired your work.

What a wonderful place you have there right on your doorstep. I haven't always had a garden and used to visit the local rose garden when the weather was fine.

Take care,

Carol in rainy and windy Scotland

Karoda said...

Louisville's park system was the last to be designed by Olmstead...we do have beautiful park spaces.

I hope your day feels good today!

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