Tuesday, February 16, 2010

busy day

Thursday will be Marty's birthday (when I traditionally pick up the check at a restaurant of his choice) but we sort of celebrated it today.  The kids were off from school, so Hilary brought Josh and Ben over late this afternoon and Ross and Nancy stopped on their way home from D.C to Manhattan with Kayla and Alexander.  They all brought cake and we wished Grandpa a happy b.d a few days early. I retrieved my mother so she could see the children.  It was a very lively afternoon, to say the least, and as my mother said, 'a few days -- what's the difference?' LOL. Right.

My grandmother always said her birthday was Nov. 3 and I was her birthday present:-).  But we discovered her b.d. was on Nov 4. (well, as Nov. 5th I was a gift in either case).  We always celebrated my father's birthday on New Year's Eve because it was supposedly Jan 1.  After he died, I discovered his birth certificate said Jan 2.  So who was right?

Marty's mother always said she was a year older than she actually was. Uh - why would anybody want to do THAT??  One of life's mysteries.

...and so to bed.


Eva said...

My grandfather celebrated his birthday on the 2nd Xmas day, although he was born in January. But as my grandma was a few weeks older, they both did not want his year of birth to be 1888, when my grandma's birth certificate dated from 1887. Scandal! So she celebrated in December, according to the Russian calendar, to come closer to his birthday.
My first husband was 2 years younger than the year in his passport. He told me after we got married. In Turkey it is legal to change your birthdate on application once in your life. His father died early, and he had to become the legal head of the family and start a business at 16 with documents saying that he was 18 and born in 1967.
I wish I could have told my grandma.

queenopearls said...

Happy Birthday Marty!!
What a wonderful family you have surrounding you. May you enjoy each other for years and years to come.

Beverly said...

Happy birthday to Marty, with wishes for many more to come.

Anonymous said...

Marty! I think they shortchanged you on candles... shouldn't there be more?


Sujatha said...

Warm wishes to Marty on his Birthday. For some strange reason, your blogs havent been showing up on my Home page on FB....had a lovely morning reading and enjoying all the blogs I missed, your lovely photos and pic of your family. Take care, Rayna. Hugs!!

Bonnie said...

What's with that generation and their birthdays? My mother's mother never really knew when her birthday was. She came to this country at five to escape the Cossacks and never had an original birth certificate. My other grandmother was older than my grandfather and always lied about her age to make her younger. Even when she was in the ambulance with peritonitis she knew that she wanted to be younger than her husband.

Judy said...

Happy Birthday to Marty! I guess you applied candles in proportion to the size of the cake, because as yarngoddess says, the candles don't add up! So now you will get to celebrate again on Thursday with a nice dinner out! WooHoo!!! and don't get too carried away!


Debra said...

I noticed recently that before my mother turned 75 she always bragged about how young she was; now that she is 76 she talks about being "older"--I think it's a way to say-"hey, look how old I am and how well I am doing. . . " It's strange. On any given day, I can't even remember how old I am. I have to stop and subtract the year from my birthyear. I guess I have more important things on my mind!

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