Monday, February 15, 2010

renewable energy souce

Renewable because the stuff multiplies like crazy when I'm not looking - and because it is, of course, recyclable. It's both an energy drain and an energy source.

Energy drain because I am exhausted from having spent the weekend attempting  to clean up this space, which looks like this because I have been working.   Now I can't work because I can't think and I can't think because I have created this mess while I have worked. Ah, the irony. You get the picture. And in case you don't...
I haven't even gotten to the 6 rolling bins under the ironing table, but you can see I'm making progress from the neatly piled (well, neat is relative) fabrics on my cutting table. Below is my ironing table and you can see  how much space I have for ironing all this fabric. But I don't mind.
I'm ironing, sorting, and filling plastic boxes. Here are the official categories:


An energy source because as I iron and sort I renew acquaintance with my own hand-printed cloth, which sparks new ideas. Even better, I am lucky enough to own gorgeous fabrics from two other energy sources. 
*disclaimer - neither source has asked me to mention their fabrics - I'm just a loyal fan!
Handloom Batik will be at MAQF this month, at NJ Quiltfest in March, and at Lancaster in April.  Don't miss her.  I can't wait to see what's new when I see Usha's booth this year: I missed last year's show.
 While sorting, I stopped in mitten drinnen to spread out a few pieces from my small but delicious stash.
 Then, of course, I also use Helene Davis' hand-dyes which are so lush that they work with any fabric I've printed, no matter what.  You can e-mail Helene from her website to tell her what colors you want, or stop by Bob & Helene's new building in Paducah during the show. 1149 Jefferson St. (I think).
 So now you know all my secrets: these are the  only fabrics I use with my own...although I will admit to having a few yards of Judy Robertson's stripes which are almost gone.

Had enough?  Tonight, while I was in the mood,  sewed together some of the fabrics that have been sitting on my wall for what seems like months. My process, as you know, is to throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks.  Then, I arrange it 17,000 times and shoot before I decide what will be the final piece. This is a small one - about 12" sq.

These are only a few - heh heh. Enough to drive anybody crazy.  So with that, I am going to say goodnight to my fabrics and to you. Enjoy your day off tomorrow if you are in the U.S.


Eva said...

What fun it would be to help you on this archeological site. And to keep what I find, haha!
But experience tells me that this is a lonely job full of deceisions. (sigh)

Sally Westcott said...

I know that site! It is here!

I agree with Eva - a very lonely (and very very hard) place!

No envy here! I've got a similar dig! Moving soon so neeed to down size!

I'll hold your hand if you hold mine!


Sally in Hobart

Terry Jarrard-Dimond said...

What a great way to jog your memory of what you have in all those containers! I would love to be able to leave my fabric out on tables so I can see it but like you, they always go back in the vault (plastic bins).

Sandy said...

Hi Rayna,
I am crossing my fingers I can get into your masterclass for the Festival of Quilts.

I never did a master class before, but I am saving my money for doing this as a special birthday year treat. but even if I don't get in, I hope to meet you there. I will bring your book along.

Take care,
Sandy in the UK

Debra said...

When I am feverishly working away, it always astonishes me to find that I am cutting on this very tiny little corner of the table. How did that happen? Oh, Mount Fabric has erupted and taken over the rest of the table!

Gerrie said...

You have inspired me. As soon as I have a chance, I am going to do another sort and purge and find.

beth said...

every time I attempt to organize my fabric I decide that I have "enough already"! Then I go merrily on and buy some more! CRAZY!

Janet said...

I love the category names you chose. I have many of the same ones, but not always articulated as well. And it is only fitting that Helene's and Usha's are taken out to be admired "in mitten drinnen"!

lacochran said...

I'd be so overwhelmed! Good for you for working the process!

Judy said...

Happy Presidents' Day to you as well!

UGH: I hate what you love: that darned ironing! I'll never get over how much you seem to enjoy that....and oh how I detest it!

Love those last pieces! You are a genius!

Love to Helene....what a treat to meet her and Bob at Campbell!


Barbara said...

Sorting and categorizing fabrics is always a challenge. An even bigger challenge sometimes is finding it again. Do you ever have that problem?

The bottom 4 squares seem to be variations on a theme.

I keep hoping for news of a baby!

Rayna said...

The bottom 4 squares are me trying to find the best layout for the pieces. It's the way I work...moving them around like a puzzle.

queenopearls said...

Wow, Rayna, what a fabulous stash!
Look!!! up there!!! Is it... a flying elephant????
:::: sneaks in and grabs a few of the beauties in the boxes ::::
Ooops, caught again!
I adore your process of photographing the possible layouts [Smart! :)] and the components are gorgeous as always.
Happy Tuesday!

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