Thursday, February 11, 2010

snowed in

Backtracking a bit - so bear with me.

Marty's right eyeglass lens fell out as he was driving to work on Monday, so he turned around and came home. A sign from the universe!!  He's been complaining forever that he can't see - but has he been to the eye doctor for a new prescription?

Happily, his regular eye guy wasn't in so he had to see someone else who could look at him with fresh eyes (sorry). She ditched his progressives for bifocals and gave him a new prescription. They should be in on Monday. In the meantime, he is walking around with one lens because it keeps falling out. He says can't tell the difference. Snort!

While we were there, his other doctor called with a cancellation so off we went, after the eyes. Then headed for happy hour at the restaurant next to the pharmacy. Aaaaah.

When we got home, there were 2 boxes waiting.  One was layette stuff for Shmooey (who has yet to make his or her appearance) and the other was a box of gems from Mrs. Closet. My joy is boundless!

Yesterday the skies were clear and blue and we were hoping the snow would change its mind. Another day with two medical appointments, which took till dinnertime. Sushi - and miso soup, which I already told Del I didn't think was as good as mine.

The evening was fun. For too long, I have resembled an overgrown tree and Marty was starting to look like Santa Claus. (Such a stunning couple.)  Then I read that a pricey salon was having a cut-a-thon with discounted prices; all proceeds going to the Unicef Haiti Fund. Hairdressers from other salons joined them to donate their time.

Another sign from the universe -- so off we went!  Since haircuts were less than I normally pay, I was thrilled. Strictly walk-in and you get whoever is free. As it turned out, I got a great cut from a hairdresser I will use again at a salon I have been to but didn't like the haircut I got from someone else.

Marty, OTOH is not used to paying such prices, so my treat. His b.d. is next wk, so an expensive (for him) h.c. and beard trim and a manicure were my gifts.   He was very happy and he looks very handsome.

I think it has stopped snowing, but not sure. The driveway had been shoveled and the streets plowed last time I looked, but I'm not looking again and I still hear the salt trucks. I cleaned a couple of feet of snow off the car but it now has an inch or so again -  maybe more by now.

Here are my annual woods-in-snow pix, taken while it was snowing.
This is how the photos came out of the camera -- misty, with sort of a reddish tinge.  I hit "auto correct" and got this:
But honestly, I think the first one, while less dramatic, shows how it really looked through the mist of the very fine snow coming down. Rather more ethereal than this corrected picture...and truer.
Here is how it looked tonight.
 Weather report says sun for the rest of the week. That would be nice.


Sally Westcott said...

Glad yuo came back Rayna.

I love the snow photos - hot and sweaty here! Please tell more about Mrs Closet? The box of gems looks as though it's right up my alley!


Sally in Hobart

PS - my verificatin word was heate! How appropriate!

Del said...

Lovely pictures of your snowy trees. I like the first one best - a tiny bit of haziness is nice sometimes. Going out in the winter would be impossible for me - if I could just stay inside, warm and well supplied, and look out at the snow it would be okay, I guess. But to actually go out into a snowy, freezing world - nope. I think it is freezing here at night the last few weeks - 50F or less. Br-r-r-r-r-r!
I got "tionoet".

queenopearls said...

Schweet snow photos, lovely hair cuts, line on a stylist and a BD gift given.
The fabric exudes the essence of spring. Enjoy!

Libby Fife said...

Those pictures seem really dramatic to me from where I sit. Thanks!

Sounds like you bounced back pretty well too:)

elle said...

There is something softly soothing about snow settling on the landscape. Especially viewed from inside with a handful of HOT fabrics. 8^)

shellysquilts said...

Hey Rayna, Your adventures make me smile. Enjoy your snow! Happy sewing!

Judy said...

what great fabrics you scored on! WooHoo!!!

Marty and my Craig would get along well....they sound like 2 peas in a pod, those two! HA! Sorry about his glasses, but glad that you were able to get out and have new ones ordered.

The trip to the hair salon sounds fabulous. Although we pay more for Barker's monthly visit to the salon than both of ours combined, Craig only complains about what my hd charges! Go figure!

Hope you escape more inclement weather, but I have to say that I do love seeing your pics!


JillW said...

The snow definitely has some benefits -- I'm enjoying a second day of working at home -- too bad I have to do work!

I love your snow photos.

Rian said...

Great photos! Hope the sun comes out soon!

Approachable Art said...

Are you a winter person? I'm not, which is why I live in Houston, but I spent my life growing up in snow and this winter, I find myself missing it. :D

Nice shots- I like the hazy woods better, makes them look deep and mysterious and the atmosphere quietly charged with something a little magical.

Debra said...

I'm approaching the shaggy dog stage too.

Glad to see you here again! said...

I'm relieved to see your post. Your last one made me sad to think you might stop writing your blog. Your blog is like a conversation with a friend. Welcome back.

Eva said...

Isn't it wonderful to have nature around when the weather is awful? We can't stand it any more, but it looks nice.
I love the feeling of a fresh haircut! We never go to any other hairdressers' than our Turkish one.

Barbara said...

Congrats on the great haircut deal. A good haircut is actually worth a lot of money. But men don't always see it that way.

I don't know who Mrs. Closet is. Can you explain?

I hope Marty gets his eyeglass situation straightened out. It is important to see as well as possible.

I'm eternally grateful for the sun, but if it melts too fast the basement will flood, so a gradual melt is what I'm hoping for.

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