Thursday, February 04, 2010

tonight I am reading

Well not yet, but I will get out my book soon. A real book, not a Kindle book.

I spent this afternoon at my studio, sewing, and of course, left the camera there. I am not going back till who knows when, but happily, I have my good camera at home (my creaky 8 year old Canon S-40 with 4 megapixels that takes better pictures than my newer Nikon with 8 megapixels). Of course, there is nothing to photograph at the moment...

Last week's cold left me with a cough and enough tiredness to just put my feet up tonight.  I was going to go to bed at 8:00 but was afraid I'd be up in the middle of the night.  Would rather stay up and sleep in.  Tomorrow is a day for catching up on business.

So for now, thanks for your wonderful and fun comments this morning (was it only this morning???) but I am going to read.


Sherryl said...

I am crawling in (virtually ) next to you. I must have the same cough from cold you do. I have been sleeping sitting up because I can't stand the meds... they make me spacey and keep me up! LOL, I was up early this morning and tried to be your 200,000. I think I was 199, 999. haha.
What are you reading?

Fulvia said...

Ditto here in S.C. Feel better soon.

Judy said...

yes: you left us hanging: what are you reading!
I think that darned bug has gone around the world rapidly! Both Craig and I had it, as did my Mom, a week or so ago. I was lucky as I caught it early, took a Mucinex D every morning plus a few Ibuprofen for good measure (and to ward off the achiness), irrigated my sinuses and was over the worst of it in about 5 days. Craig hung on to his because he hated how the Mucinex made him feel! And my mother, bless her heart, got over hers in about a week. Her greenhouse environment at the assisted living facility seems to make her thrive!
Hope you're better soon!


Franchi said...

Read your and Elizabeth Barton's posts about "intuition" yesterday and found both stimulating. Dear hubby looked up "intuition" in our one volume OED which says "intuit: to instruct, to receive knowledge by direct perception", and "intuition: looking upon or into, perception, mental view", plus other definitions, you know how wordy the OED gets. So...I'm thinking, I work "intuitively", i.e. I use what I've learned from many teachers and books (including you and yours, Rayna) to know what I want to do with my art, what colors work, how to arrange shapes, how to balance. Don't always get this right, but as I learn more I will get more right.

I, too, would be interested in what you are reading. I am at the end of a cold and cough myself, but have been working on some art, binding two pieces and almost finished making a shirt for myself. Moving on to the next item in my pile of to dos. You take care.

Jeannie said...

Yes, I would also like to know what you are reading - snoopy group aren't we! Take care and I hope you are feeling feisty soon.

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