Saturday, February 06, 2010

What I'm reading:

The Tender Bar by JR Moehringer - a memoir that reads like a novel. Beautifully written, it's a poignant, moving, funny coming of age story -- and it's real.  Jessica gave it to me after she had finished it and she was right when she said it was terrific.  Actually, I was up till midnight reading it last night and finally finished it tonight.

What I'm doing:
Not a lot. Ran to the market this morning to avoid the buying panic based on storm predictions (that may or may not happen). Got home and unpacked groceries to find a copy of (snort) Soap Opera Digest in my bag, for which I was charged $3.99. Can you imagine?!! Even if I watched TV, which I don't, I don't believe I have ever watched a soap and this would hardly be on my must-read list. I threw it into the recycling and then fished it out so I could bring it back, but I was too tired. It was the last item on my receipt, so I imagine it belonged to the woman behind me who must have been pretty annoyed not to have this literary gem when she got home.  Soap Opera Digest, indeed.

I cooked and baked this afternoon, finished the book and spent the rest of tonight doing therapy sewing.
That's the news from the front. Still feeling bleh like so many others in Blogland. Do you think it is contagious through cyberspace? In any case,to bed to sleep it off and see what tomorrow brings.
At least I have food in the house and don't have to go anywhere - snow or no snow.


Gerrie said...

Hope you feel better soon. You accomplished a lot for having the blahs.

Terry said...

Soap Opera Digest?? Mercy. I can smell the disdain dripping from your words! Didn't know such a publication even existed. How funny! You must stand in line with people with better taste next time. Maybe a stray box of fresh strawberries or a good bottle of wine will leap into your bag!


ha! that woman missing her Soap opera digest is probably searching frantically for it! ;-)
Winter Blehs...i know them! It's very gray outside, here at our house.. Waiting on that snow... It will get to eastern long island about the time I have to drive back to NYC... just for fun driving!

Ann Graham said...

Rayna, I'm in Silver Spring MD and we have 30 inches and counting. My little dog Archie - a morkie - disappeared in the drifts! I believe that down times are gifts - a gentle reminder to pause and take a deep breath. I had a frightening thought earlier this morning - wouldn't today be a great day to start my taxes @_(#*#_!*@#!+@#!@# NOT.

Eva said...

Have to admit I sometimes do watch soaps & comedies, because I just like someone to tell me stories while I'm stitching. But I can digest them better without a digest. Thanx but nothanx.
I prefer classic literature audio books like Schnitzler, Dostoyevsky etc.

Judy said...

beautiful therapy sewing!
I too have never watched a soap and am amazed at friends and acquaintances who have to be home at a certain hour to see their soaps (or any tv show for that matter!). imagine having your life ruled by the tv: ugh!

hope you're all better soon....i found your miso soup helped when i was feeling icky the other week


Approachable Art said...

I DO think we all spread our moods, muses, and activities to one another through the blogsphere.

I tell myself I have to stop reading so many blogs- not only can it be a huge time-sink, but it can also be a big influence on what I do, which I really don't want. But there's so much fun stuff going on out there, I can't help myself from wanting to see it and oohh and ahh over all of it.

Sherryl said...

I love this "therapy" piece.. my colors.
No TV in this house. We don't have cable out where we live. Don't miss it.
I love reading blogs and seeing what others do. I think it expands our visions.

Sujatha said...

That piece is beautiful...I love the blues and greens..feels so tranquil.
I confess to watching soaps...indian ones which are sometimes so melodramatic..I question my taste!!

queenopearls said...

Rayna, the books sounds intriguing. I adore the last summary line on Barnes and Nobel " unforgettable depiction of how men remain, at heart, lost boys."
Your fabric and sewing therapy piece reminds me of a fabric, I saw advertised in Architectural Digest, made of peacock feathers.
I think the fabric and your therapy are both stunning.

Franchi said...

Who needs "Soap Opera Digest" when life is a soap opera! ;-)

tangled stitch said...

Yes I do think the bleh's are catching, every one seems to have them maybe it's the weather. You do really beautiful work!

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