Thursday, July 15, 2010

yesterday's laugh and good/bad stuff

Somehow, I found James Walsh's blog yesterday and in about 2 minutes, was laughing out loud. I couldn't relate to every post, but his rants are too funny and so British. This is good.

You can tell I am desperate for content when I scrounge around on my camera and find a picture like this one, let along post it here.
1) I took it a few days ago but I have no idea where I was. This is not good.

2) I think there was a monarch butterfly I was trying to capture on film (uh - disk) but it was faster than I was. This is also not good.

I worked all day and accomplished a few things but none of my pictures came out well and I am too lazy to retake them.
Hence, the above photo of weeds and the missing Monarch.

The Lexus people towed away my husband's beloved car today. It has gone through 3 batteries in 6 months and they can't figure out why or how to fix it.  This is bad.

What is good is that now I have room on the driveway to park away from the sticky tree.  I have to get my car washed about 5 times in a row to get all the glop off.  I need to see out the window while I am driving to the Hudson River valley.  Was going to get the car washed today but it got pretty clean sitting in the torrential rain this afternoon.  This is also good.

Got out my el-cheapo alginate blender and made print paste this morning, to take with me.  I just hope I remember everything I need  -- steam pot, hotplate, and a bolt of PFD in addition to the usual suspects.

Just in the past two weeks, two esteemed gallery curators have asked me to participate in ART exhibits they are putting together. Mine will be the only textile work. This is VERY good.
  Fortunately, they have not seen this piece of my handiwork, of which there are 4 more that turn up like bad pennies every time I turn around.  I can't even burn them because of the polyester fabric. This is bad.  I need to re-use them but this is also bad.

What is on your good and bad list?


wlstarn said...

A friend in Baton Rouge had some kind of teflon coating applied to her car, and even the nasty "love bugs" hosed right off. Maybe they have it in NJ as well.

Cécile said...

Congratulations on being asked to participate in these exhibits! That's great! Hopefully the good things will start happening more often than the not so good things.

Unknown said...

good that I am finally sewing.. bad that it is so hot and sticky in my sewing room! good that my husband finally is redoing the kids' bathroom, bad that 5 of us will have to share one bathroom until he finishes the project!

Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog, Rayna. You're very honest and I like looking at your projects that are very good and the other art that didn't turn out quite as well.

Congrats on being asked to exhibit. Very rewarding.

About your car, have you thought about throwing a car cover over it? Might be easier than having to clean the car so much.


Mary Beth Frezon said...

Good that I'm back to quilting, bad that I spent part of yesterday un-quilting as I went due to little tucks happening on the front - wut?

Good that I have my next project idea, and also good that it's not quite gelled enough to start it because otherwise it would be bad because I can barely wait to start it and I'm many bobbins from finishing this one on a deadline!

Good that I have my first ever AC, bad that the cats cannot be convinced they should spend quality time in that room. Might end up being good if I move it to my sewing room instead! Silly twit kits!

Unknown said...

Rayna, congratulations on the two invites, that's fantastic.

My good: seeing a nephew this weekend whom I haven't seen in 13 years.
Bad: I have a drop-dead gorgeous fabric that is screaming for one final layer- a crackle finish in black dye. Unfortunately, it's about twice the width of my horizontal work surface so a FPR is out of the question.

Vivien Zepf said...

Ah, your blog is a good thing, that's for sure! Congratulations on being asked to participate in two shows. My guess is your work will sell .... and at prices comparable to paintings. A very good thing.

Rayna said...

Good is having you leave a comment. Thanks!

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