Wednesday, August 03, 2011

a gelatin play day

This morning, two artists from my Studio Montclair crit group came to the studio to do gelatin printing. One is a painter and sculptor; the other is a photographer and printmaker. Neither has worked with gelatin before and they did some amazing work.  They monoprinted on paper and I joined them in experimenting.

These are two of Yvette's prints and I am sorry I didn't take pictures of Susan's. They both worked in the same red and black but their sensibilities and results were entirely different. Me? I printed one thing that needs going back into.

We used Akua-Color inks, which work beautifully on paper. I bought them for collagraphs through the press and haven't used them much, but I may buy a few other colors and keep working on paper. 

As far as fabric - I have about 3 things in the air and keep schlepping boxes of bits home and back again, thinking I will work on them at night.  But somehow, no.  This has been a busy week and promises to be nonstop from tomorrow through Sunday.  That is a GOOD thing.



Eva said...

The second print is just enchanting! So elegant and joyful. Makes me want to start trying this technique.

Judy said...

I agree with Eva. The 2nd one reminds me of dancing cranes.
Glad you are so busy! ;-)


Anonymous said...

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Pamela Price Klebaum said...

These are just wonderful, Rayna. Lots of movement.

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