Sunday, August 28, 2011

it's raining

I have not watched tv in about 10 years.  Today, I have the tv going, watching the news - which is all about the weather. The Jersey shore has been evacuated and likewise, the NY city coastlines. People are nuts - about 30 of them refused to leave Fire Island, which now has no power. 

The NY City mass transit shut down at noon today. Bridges now closed. Elevators turned off in apartment buildings so nobody gets stuck. Two wacko men in a kayak had to be rescued and got tickets. Idiots!  In fact, I am astounded at the number of 20-something people out in the street who have never experienced a hurricane and seem to think it is fun. HUH?
9,600 flights in and out of NY/NJ have been cancelled and Jessica, Tommy, and Emma are fortunately in Milwaukee, s afe, in beautiful weather, visiting Tommy's family. Jess rebooked a flight for Tuesday but who knows what will be by then?

My son Jeremy is in charge of the disaster management in his town and called to warn me that this is going to be BAD.  I hope those of you to the south of me are staying safe: North Carolina and up through Virginia, D.C., MD and Del.

Hilary & family are hunkered down, hoping no big trees will fall on the house.  

I have a battery-powered lantern and numerous yartzheit candles. These are great because 1)they are in glasses so they are safe and 2)they burn for 24 hours.  Have packed the freezer with ice cubes and the fridge has a lot of water in plastic containers.  Plenty of food- all of which can be eaten cold if necessary.  I just remembered the battery backup for my old desktop computer (now never used) and brought it upstairs for my laptop, just in case.

Most important - before the power goes and the ice cream machine doesn't work -- I got busy!  Divine and I'll write about it later, when I take it out of the freezer. Yesterday I made curry ice cream; tonight, saffron vanilla. The best thing I have ever tasted. Here is the saffron as it is being churned.

Earlier tonight I was going to do some UFO reinventions

 but didn't get very far - too drawn by the hurricane news.  3:am-noon worst winds and rain. I hope to be asleep for about half of that time. If there is any light to work by tomorrow, I will divide these and tackle them.


sandra wyman said...

Thinking of you and everyone else over there Rayna. Stay safe!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you have all the necessities at hand. Who could possibly ride out a hurricane without ... homemade ice cream. I wanna be marooned with you next time. Hope to hear you are safe and sound and all your stitches are tight.


Kathy said...

Would love the recipe for the saffron vanilla! Sounds delicious. Sarah was still waiting for the storm last night with typical NY impatience ("we have things to do!!"). I expect today will be different as she gets a reality check. The views of the streets in the city are eerie with no bustling humanity. Just listened to your governor telling people to get the hell off the beach. Stay safe.

tiedyejudy said...

So much for therapy sewing if you lose power! I'm glad you and your family are prepared... nuts to the idiots who don't get that this is a disaster storm! I hope it passes through quickly with little damage to life and limb.

Eva said...

Thinking of you, too! Heard on the news that the storm lost its power already.

Beverly said...

Thought of you while watching the news. I hope you are staying dry and safe--

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