Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm in Lowell

This has been a tough week with Internet. Verizon is on strike, so it has been a frustrating off again/on again (mostly off) week for blogging and email. I've been reading my email on my iPhone but blogging from the phone has been annoyingly impossible for me.

Now I'm in the hotel in Lowell and I can get Internet but my email doesn't come into my box - I have to read it on the server. GRRRRR.  But at least I can blog.

Drove up yesterday and am happily rooming with Diane Wright.  Diane and Yvette Howard were over at the quilt show, so I went over to meet them there.  They were finished (it took about 20 minutes, they said) and were the second people to tell me not to bother wasting my money. Apparently there were not many quilts compared to former years, nor were there many vendors.  I did go in for a minute and found Jane and Carlos Davila who are here vending (or she is vending and he is keeping her company).

Then, Diane, Yvette and I went over to see the exhibit at the Brush - a breath of fresh air (sea air,actually, since the theme was "the sea.")  First time the Brush has had a theme and while I am not a big fan of themes, there is some knock-out work in the show and it is hung well, with sufficient room around the pieces.  Thank goodness!  The new director was so pleased with the entries and the results that you can expect more themes in the future for Art Quilts Lowell.  You will have enough lead time to make something if you wish to do so.

However, since I don't take pix without the artists' permission, I will wait till later to take and post.  The opening is tomorrow afternoon, as is the Whistler opening.

We had dinner at an excellent restaurant last night - Centro at 24 Market St.  Here are Diane and Yvette after dinner (notice how their clothes seem to match the décor) - and below them, my empty glass.

So far, this morning I had breakfast at the Owl Diner with the amazing Jane Steinberg(forgot to take a picture, but I hope to buy her a drink later this afternoon and will try to remember: she looks wonderful).
Then, Yvette, Diane and I went over to the Quilt Museum. And shortly I am going to meet Suzanne Abrams for lunch and a trek over to Western Ave. Studios. 
So, I will be back later.

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cat allard said...

Great meeting you in the lobby this morning! We will definitely head over to the Bush tomorrow.
I don't know how to say this without sounding a bit sappy but your quilts have really been an inspiration to me - and your potato latkas (recipe) are fabulous.
Best, Cat

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