Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Wednesday morning blahs

I promised myself a day in the studio today, but alas, I have been busy piling up books to be inventoried so I can decide what to keep and what to get rid of. The bookcase in the hall that I emptied and moved into the studio was overloaded with what seems like every quilt and fabric book on the planet. Here are many of them, piled neatly(?) on my dining room table. Now what? Do I really need traditional quilt calendars from 1994 and 1995? After my daughter-in-law has a go at them and I decide what to keep, I'll probably post some special ones for sale and donate the rest. Before Thanksgiving, since my family has to eat on this table. On another note - I took my mother to Target yesterday and look what I found. You can probably guess what I am going to do with these. Nevertheless, before I can play, I have a little list...not necessarily in priority order. 1. finish unloading supplies sent back from Houston 2. bring them to downstairs studio 3. work on outlines for future projects 4. finish sewing facing to quilt 5. make more fabric postcards 6. charge my camera battery so I can photograph #5 and #4 7. have another cup of coffee 8. go back into fabric I printed on Monday and add a layer 9. mix up some new dyestock 10. mix up some soda ash 11. take new silkscreens downstairs to print studio 12. have another cup of coffee 13. find room for piles of newly printed fabric not put away yet 14. send back teaching contracts 15. call the dentist 16. have lunch 17. clean up downstairs studio 18. iron silk scarves and prepare for winter craft sale at Pierro Gallery 19. inventory the pile of books 20. get ready to go to fiber lecture and exhibit at William Paterson University tonight Off I go to start the day.


Valeri said...

Reading your list of things to do made me feel really tired. However you have my deepest admiration if you can actually do all these things in one day! And I love whatever those things are you got in target. I want! Val

Debra said...

I need two cups of coffee to just reading that list. (though I'm sure I have days with lists like that).

Rayna said...

Well, I did get a couple of things done. Amazing, because I am not a list-maker. And when I do (rarely)make a list, I invariably lose the piece of paper on which I have written it. Since I can't lose my laptop, this was probably a good idea.