Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Marlene Reasoner tagged me while I was in Houston and I promised I'd list 20 things about me when I got back and came up for air. Today's air in NJ is gorgeous and mild, although it will get down to the 40's tonight. The trees changed in the week I was away and I missed their peak, but this was at the edge of the woods behind my deck this morning and I couldn't resist snapping it before it goes away.

I can probably come up with 20 things, but they are probably boring. Nevertheless, here goes:

1. Autumn is my favorite season, although I have decided that I will try to see winter this year from an artist's point of view.

2. I am left-handed but do these things only with my right hand: iron, cut with knife or scissors, dial the phone (dial - ha, am I dating myself??), drink.

3. I dislike sports and animals.

4. I don't have a sweet tooth and never, never eat sweets when I am hungry. But, when I eat sweets, I like my chocolate DARK (like Valharona baking chocolate) and when I eat ice cream, it's Haagen Dazs or nothing.

5. I don't do well in organizations that have rules or require uniforms (no surprise to anyone who knows me.) I can't remember whether I quit Girl Scouts or was thrown out. Probably both.

6. No matter how many times I clean up, I am cluttered again within 24 hours. At most.

7. My happiest job was as a promotion copywriter for a computer magazine. My worst job was as a personal shopper for Macy's.

8. I've been married for 23 years -- to my second husband.

9. I believe I was French in another life because when I am in France, I feel as though I have come home. I have always regretted not staying when I was living there 40 years ago. But that's another story...

10. I flunked 8th grade sewing and hate sewing to this day. So why am I working in fiber?

11. My 7th grade teacher gave me a "C" on a tree I drew the first day of class, told me I couldn't draw, and I never took another art class. I still can't draw, but I have finally realized that doesn't prevent me from being an artist.

12. Indian food is my favorite. I could eat it every day. Middle Eastern is second.

13. I am finding this difficult.

14. I listen exclusively to classical music when I work. or silence.

15. When nobody leaves comments on my blog I feel inexplicably sad and let down: especially after I see they have been reading for 15 minutes. Even a 'hi, I was here and today's post was boring' is better than nothing. I shall have to ask my therapist about this.

16. I have never taken an art course, except art history.

17. The first year of my first marriage I refused to have a tv. After Kennedy was assasinated we moved in with my parents for a week so we could watch. Then we bought one. I still don't watch tv. The last time I watched the news was in the aftermath of 9/11. I did not put on the tv to see the Katrina news: I get my news from National Public Radio and the NY Times.

18. When I need to de-stress, I iron.

19. I am a compulsive book-buyer and reader who has not read the DaVinci Code and does not care to. Give me a good British police procedural that is well-written and has characters that are developed and I'm happy!

20. I'd rather be downstairs in my dye/print studio than almost anything else.


Karoda said...

I have got to comment,...on #3 I always say I'm not an animal lover to be polite, but in truth, I dislike animals too! I tried to do an aquarium because the fish are pretty and calming...but hate that flop thing they do when cleaning out the tank and trying to catch them in the net. And I'm not a fan of tv watching either and prefer NPR and PRI for my news and entertainment. I hated sewing clothes and had a horrible high school teacher for it.

I always read your blogs as most of the blogs in the ring but seldom do I feel I can type out anything coherent to express an emotion or thought.

jenclair said...

Hi, I was here ;) - enjoyed today's post and remember dial phones!

mary m. said...


I'm always in a state of clutter.

How can you tell someone's been reading your blog for 15 minutes?

You are welcome to join our Eclectic Threads group anytime...if you don't mind the drive.

Debra said...


I love these 20 things!! we learn things about each other that we would never know otherwise.

And to reveal one of our dislikes that "just isn't the norm"?? (like your disliking animals...).. brave, but we get to see that we are not alone.

You and I couldn't be room mates, but under stress we'd be a pair: I do laundry and you iron.

gabrielle said...

Rayna, The sheer thought of ironing stresses me to no end....can I send you mine? We also share the teacher who told me not to be an artist; however when I got to biology class I was the one everyone wanted to draw what was under the microscope. Started drawing in high school, got some appreciation, haven't stopped since...so whadda they know. Always read your blog to feel close to you; will promise to comment more.

Anonymous said...

some of your 20 really resonate with me...especially # 10 - I too was a home ec failure...dirndl skirts and pot holders (with a pattern) bored me no end...Girl Scouts was a bit tough too until they let me into the Boy Scouts, *grin*
Catherine in Illinois

Deb R said...

Me too on #15. :-)

And you know, about the DaVinci Code, I resisted reading that for at least a year after it came out, maybe longer, because I thought the hype was so ridiculous, but I finally gave in and it turned out I liked it after all. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

I once had to call IBM for help with a problem with our pc. The person that answered the phone was pretty pissy that I didn't 'punch' the appropriate number to get forwarded to the help I needed - until I told him I was calling from a rotary phone (hey, it was a spare phone we had so I plugged it in by the computer... what's WRONG with not throwing away something that still works?!) He chuckled and proceeded to help me himself. I bet I was a water cooler story.

Valeri said...

I read your blog everyday Rayna. I'll try and comment more. I'm usually in a rush! I can identify with fact 15 and 20 and we don't have a television and haven't had one for the last 16 years. Don't miss it! Val

Lisa Call said...

#3 - all sports? What about gymnastics? Watching or participating?

I dislike dogs, team sports and eggplants. So a subset. Well exept for that vegetable but I tend to always mention the eggplants in my dislike list.

Okra also.

Scrapmaker said...

This outpouring of comments should convince you never to worry! I always appreciate seeing what you are up to, and I especially like the WIP posts. There are so many things I haven't tried yet...

Liz said...

I always read your blog too... I'll try and comment more but I find I have to be in a chatty mood unless something REALLY REALLY grabs me...

I'm another one who hated sewing lessons - the only thing I learnt was tailor's tacks and unpicking...

Marlene said...

Rayna, I read your blog often, sorry I don't always comment.

Micki said...

Hi Rayna,
I also read your blog all the time but don't always comment. And I am also both a lefty and a righty (read my blog, Wednesday, Oct. 19th.)

Ang said...

Hi Rayna,

Good list - not boring at all.

I subscribe to, read, and enjoy your blog. I have never commented before, but now I shall feel free.

I must admit, I felt a pang of jealousy when I saw the class photos. I tried to take a class from you in LBI last year but it was cancelled. I'm looking forward to having my turn, hopefully in 2006.

Clara said...

I love your blog and I'm so thrilled that I got to take a class from you at festival.

Gerrie said...

Hi, Rayna - I relate to # 6 - I can't keep a space uncluttered for long. And I love hearing that you have never taken an art course - bet you could teach one!!

Deborah said...

But the Da Vinci Code IS a British police procedural. Sorta. I also resisted reading it, but I finished a couple of weeks ago and I liked it. But, you should certainly not waste your time reading soemthing you have no interest in, even if you're feeling pressure from the blog ring. I think your blog is witty, and your art is stupendous!

Anonymous said...


I enjoyed reading your post. Now I don't feel so bad...I'm not an animal lover either.

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